Stone House Bed and Breakfast Review – Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

My stay at Stone House July 5, 2011, could not have been more fantastic.  While it is a little out-of-the-way, in Quezon City, its charm more than makes up for the extra distance.

The building is aptly named; the exterior is entirely made of stone and the interior is charmingly antique.  When I stayed there in July of 2011, they were in the midst of renovations and have since completed the majority of them.  Modern facilities accompany this classic bed and breakfast; flat screen TVs, internet, an in-house bar, a rooftop veranda, and much more exist to make your stay comfortable and memorable.  The newest Rose Rooms are particularly interesting, as they are modeled after very clean and cozy small rooms found in Japan; they can be found on the lowest level of the building, making them exceptionally quiet and private.  It reminded me of similar places I’d stay in when in Hong Kong, for less than half the cost.

Stone House not only includes affordable rooms, but they also have massive penthouse-style suites on their top floors.  The rooftop includes a large area used as a bar and breakfast area, as well as a sizable garden area.  Downstairs, Stone House offers a charming bar that, even on a weekday, is standing-room only and frequently offers excellent live music.  The entire set-up is masterminded by Garrie Trinidad, the owner/operator.

Nothing sets off a great visit like meeting the owner of a hotel, right-off-the-bat.  Being a customer who was there to review budget lodging, I was simply fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time upon check-in.  Mr. Trinidad is a spectacular host and a true lover of travelers.  Upon discovering I was only staying for the one night, he offered to take me to dinner with a friend of his at a restaurant he also owns.  It’s doubtful that my stay could have been any better.

The hotel staff was equally pleasant, which anyone who travels in the Philippines knows is a welcome thing.  Take my advice and check into the hotel manually, and not through their website; there is an additional service charge by booking online, and Stone House does not see any of it.  You’d be far better-off writing an email and requesting a reservation, as it can save you around ₱200 (a significant amount when you’re paying ₱1100 for the room).  But, in the end, there is nowhere in Metro Manila where you can get a 600 square-foot (55 square-meter) room for a mere ₱2,500 a night; if you are looking for that unparalleled deal, it is extremely wise to book in advance.

You’re not going to do much better than this in Manila.  Whatever standard of living you’re looking to achieve during your stay in Manila, Stone House can achieve it, at a rate that is so competitive, it can be hard-to-believe.  Keep in mind that the only “negative” is that it is in Quezon; at 5:30am, it took just over a half-an-hour to get from the hotel to the airport, with no traffic to speak of.  But, Quezon is nice and quiet, and full of charm that Stone House does a fantastic job of adding to.

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