The TSA Doesn’t Care About Passenger Safety

Take even a casual glance at American airport security and it’s clear that the TSA doesn’t care about passenger safety. Even the name “TSA” stands for “Transportation Security Administration,” having nothing to do with travelers and having everything to do with the objects that transport them; their behavior reflects this through the enigmas that are […]

How to Get More Leg Room on Airplanes

How to Get More Leg Room on Airplanes   One of the things everyone who travels wishes they could do is get more leg room on airplanes. It turns out, there’s a secret way to achieve it, without spending a dime. First, you have to be seated in an aisle seat. Second, you have to […]

Phones on a Plane! Looking at the Numbers…

In June 2011, there was this report issued by a trade group called the International Air Transport Association (IATA), who documented 75 separate incidents of electronic interference that airline pilots and other crew members believed may have been linked to mobile phones and other on-board electronic devices. Now, the IATA isn’t some rinky-dink outfit.  They represent 240 airlines which comprise […]