God Is Clark Kent

It is as clear to me as it was to Fred a hundred and fifty years ago: the concept of divinity that the majority of humans share is incorrect and must be adjusted.  He said, “God is dead,” and has caused quite a stir when people have taken that line out of the context of […]

Part II – Consciousness – Written 2003

I begin this section almost a year after I wrote PART I. Upon the conclusion of PART I, I hastily wrote both a PART II and a PART III, which were as follows: PART II This will be rather hard to describe… I have discovered that, by writing my system of ideas down as I […]

Student Appalled at Assembly – Written January 18, 2005

“I want to walk out right now; you can write that down as a quote, if you want,” the perplexed senior Zeta whispered as the Reverend Mr. Robert Williams proclaimed that now, almost two decades after the Martin Luther King holiday was conceived, “sophisticated segregation” was inflicted on the African-American population. There were more than […]