Riding in Taiwan: How to Avoid Dying

I began riding in Taiwan back in 2008.  Well, actually, it was a motorcycle.  A sweet ride called a Yamaha RXZ (or RZX) 135cc two-stroke.   A few weeks after getting Max, I got myself into an accident.  I had never ridden before I came to Taiwan and the principles of centrifugal force were very […]

My First Ride In A Police Car

I was driving north on WenXin Lu, Monday, August 20, 2012, at 10:45am, on my scooter.  Coming off the traffic light at Daye Lu, heading towards Dalong Lu, I attempted to merge right (from the right-hand lane into the scooter lane).  I felt something hit the right rear of my scooter and turned my head to see […]

A Brief History of My Life on Two Wheels

I haven’t been much into machines, in terms of my lifetime.  There wasn’t much exposure to me – my dad wasn’t into them – I didn’t hang out with any gearheads.  I’ve always been great behind the controls of most anything that can be steered, but it wasn’t until I moved to Taiwan that I […]