The Nature of High School and Prison

Imagine a building filled with people who are forced to be there, under constant supervision by the authorities, with limited freedom. The building is secured, patrolled by guards, and life is heavily structured and scheduled. People who are forced to be there must adhere to a specific dress code, require permission to do almost anything, […]

Biography – Written October 16, 2003

The true story of Michael Fritz is not known, which is to say that there is little known about his life, and the information that is known is hidden. The whole masquerade is deep-rooted in my family, my father’s side, my Italian side. Most people, including myself until a few years ago, knew my great […]

I Heart Violence – Written April 23, 2003

I hate beginning an essay by tearing apart another work, but in this case it is necessary based upon my required assignment. John and Nana Naisbitt, along with Douglass Phillips, have a totally misconstrued idea about American culture and the age of electronics. Their argument starts out with a quote from the memoirs of the […]