The Battle Against Bullying

I’m 29 years old – that means I was born in 1983.  It was around that time where parents began to go off the deep end.  Prior to that, corporal punishment was the norm, as was letting kids run around outside unsupervised, or riding bikes without helmets.  To this day, there has not been any […]

Why I Have Hated Cops Since College – Written February 27, 2003

On the evening of February 26, 2003, a situation occurred between members of the Theta Chi fraternity and my apartment, 1F. At approximately 9:30 pm my roommate Ben Moats and I were on the exterior of our apartment smoking cigarettes and we saw that people standing outside 3B were spitting over the balcony onto the […]

Sex Rules – Written February 27, 2001

It has been said by many that there are four main drives of man, “Fight, Flee, Feed, and Fornication.” Throughout history, there have been advancements in fighting, fleeing, and feeding. However, there is little advancement in fornication. Humans have made weapons, created vehicles for transportation, and devices to prepare and preserve food. Sex is still […]