Sweet Dreams – Written February 4, 2003

When I sleep, when I walk, when I sit, when I drive: I dream all the time. There are occurrences in my everyday life that could suggest that I am delusional on some level simply because I will live so much of my existence not paying attention to reality. The question most important to me […]


Almost two months ago, I found myself writing a piece very similar to this one. At the time, I was frustrated with the mixed vibes that I was receiving about my writings, and decided to write about how I just wanted to get my ideas out and “enlighten” people. Recently, a work of mine made […]

Why I Write – Written November 11, 2002

I was once assigned a paper by a professor of mine, Mr. Gaspeny. This would have been no problem except that he said the paper required a title. I loathe titles – nothing that I write ever initially has a title. When I told Mr. Gaspeny said I don’t “do titles,” he said, “Well…the High […]

Subsequent Post-Modernism – Written December 10, 2003

Upon reading the assigned philosophies written by the foremost philosophers of this, the 20th, and 19th centuries, I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to write about any of them. Each of their works has some good points and some bad points, but those points are made in such complex ways […]

Aristotle’s Interpretation of Spartan Women – Written March 1, 2004

In Aristotle’s Politics, Book 2, Chapter IX, Aristotle makes a clear connection between the dominant role of women and Spartan society as having a connotation of lawlessness; at the same time, Aristotle’s other statements about women show his slant towards women. At the same time, his ideas about Athens and Athenian government being superior to […]

No Use For A Name – September 15, 2003

I’m sorry, I can’t cluster words, I find it ridiculous. When I cluster words and then write, I simply get distracted during my writing either because I have a thought that isn’t “on the page” and have to figure out where to put it or, what’s infinitely worse, finding something on the cluster that you […]