Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience In high school, I had a teacher that always told us, “Know your audience.”  Most times, I act like I couldn’t give a damn about my audience, but I find that’s really not the case.  While I don’t write solely for my audience – this piece, for example, is far more for […]

This Blog Is Disgusting

This blog has been operational for about a year.  Last spring, I decided to put all my old work on here, for people to read – everything from when I was in high school up until my late 20s.  I put a lot of academic writing on there and a lot of personal writing from […]

No Use For A Name – September 15, 2003

I’m sorry, I can’t cluster words, I find it ridiculous. When I cluster words and then write, I simply get distracted during my writing either because I have a thought that isn’t “on the page” and have to figure out where to put it or, what’s infinitely worse, finding something on the cluster that you […]