The Truth About the USA’s Military Budget

There’s a lot of talk out there about the USA’s military budget.  You see a lot of graphics like this     talking about how the USA’s military budget dwarfs other military budgets.  How the USA’s military budget is as large as the next Top 7 military budgets, combined.  And this is not inaccurate. In 2015, the USA […]

How Much Do Federal Elected Officials Really Make?

A lot of people freak out about how much money our elected government spends, often choosing to go the route of, “Let’s stop paying them and see what happens to their policy-making!”  First of all, most Representatives/Senators/Vice-Presidents/Presidents made far more money in the private sector than they do in government.  Beyond that, when they were in the […]

An Easy Way To Understand The USA’s Budget

Let me give you an easy way to understand the USA’s budget by comparing their numbers to something more familiar to you. Here’s the numbers regarding the 2012 US income/budget/debt:But that’s not easy to understand and appreciate. Because it just looks like such an enormous amount of money. So how about we remove some zeros and […]