Kim Cardassian: Delivers What It Promises

Kim Cardassian Kim Cardassian Somebody call Comic Con… Kim Cardassian Kim Cardassian

The Hotness: Class Hot, Work Hot, and Street Hot

There are a lot of different kinds of hotness out there.  Some girls want the guy in the suit while others want the stripping firefighter…and many want both.  But even beyond those kinds of differences, there’s a difference I want to cover briefly. Class Hot The first girls we ever think are hot encompass our […]

Aristotle’s Interpretation of Spartan Women – Written March 1, 2004

In Aristotle’s Politics, Book 2, Chapter IX, Aristotle makes a clear connection between the dominant role of women and Spartan society as having a connotation of lawlessness; at the same time, Aristotle’s other statements about women show his slant towards women. At the same time, his ideas about Athens and Athenian government being superior to […]