“Why Does jsphfrtz’s Writing Look So Weird?”

Most people will agree that I’m a good writer; at the same time, some of what I’ve written on jsphfrtz.com in recent months might look odd.  Like my most recent post about “Taiwan Western Union.”  I assume my readers are not fools: they know there is no such thing as “Taiwan Western Union.”  So why did I keep saying it?

I said it because of something called “Search Engine Optimization,” or “SEO.”  SEO relates to the algorithms that search engines use to locate things.  For example, if you type the word “Spartan” into Google, you will find stuff about Sparta, but if you type “Sparta Race” or “Sparta Movie” it will change your search results.  When you write, you can write to optimize who can find your writing, based in certain search parameters – for this blog, my keyword is “jsphfrtz.”

The thing is, “Western Union” is too broad.  If you search for “Western Union” on Google, my blog is hundreds of pages deep.  You’ll never see me.  But when you type “Taiwan Western Union,” which is more likely for people wondering about sending money to/from Taiwan via Western Union, my blog will have a higher ranking, because Google can see that I am writing specifically about what people are searching for.  This specific entry will be found when people search for “jsphfrtz,” but it will still be low-ranked, because of other factors: chances are, you found my LinkedIn profile first, or possibly my YouTube.

I just wanted to clear up why some of my writing seems kind of weird.  When you see me writing anything that doesn’t quite fit grammatically, there’s a good reason: I need to use certain words to make sure people find my blog…and I’m not quite good enough at it to make it look better.  SEO writing is a whole different kind of writing, like AP style or any other style, and I’m still trying not to suck so bad at it.  Thanks for sticking with me!  You keep reading: I’ll keep writing.

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    • You’re lucky, because wordpress.com has amazing SEO. I host my own blog, so I have more control over my SEO, but my PR isn’t as high as it would be if it was hosted by WordPress. For a WordPress hosted site, just be sure you tag things right.

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