83 Argyle – Sincere House in Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong – VIDEO

Hong Kong has all kinds of guest houses and hostels; 83 Argyle has a few in it, but I stayed at “Sincere House.”

Like so many buildings in Mong Kok, it’s old.  But that’s all US$30/night can get you in Kowloon.  The first three floors are an electronics emporium with the other floors ranging from hostels to gyms.

When I arrived, I walked in through the emporium, since that was the technical address of “83 Argyle” on Google Maps.  I went up the escalator, then followed an employee through a door to the stairs.
I hiked it to the fourth floor, knowing that Sincere House is listed as “83 Argyle Street #412.”  Later, I discovered the best location for entry is at the corner of Argyle and Tung Choi.


Now would be a good time to mention that, if you’re looking at this kind of lodging, you should be ready to climb up an old creepy stairwell and basically “dungeon crawl” through a very Hong Kong style building.  It was the kind of place you imagine from watching Hong Kung Kung Fu films.  “Real Hong Kong.”

The room is a tomb, but it’s clean.  The bed was decent foam (i.e. not too soft).  The bathroom had clearly been remodeled.  The guy at the front desk was nice.

If you really want to see what 83 Argyle is like, check out the video: it doesn’t get more Hong Kong than this.

83 Argyle – Sincere House in Kong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong




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