A Week Later

Last week, I was lucky to get through a few push-ups, and couldn’t even do a pull-up.  Today, reps of ten push-ups aren’t straining and I can do a half-dozen pull-ups (not chin-ups).  I have no idea how many crunches I do a day, but it has to be over a hundred.


My current stats are as follows (+/- from a week ago):

Height = 71.5in

Weight = 180lbs (-5lbs)

Wrist = 7in

Neck = 15in (same)

Shoulders = 46in (same)

Upper Arm = 13in (same)

Forearm = 11in (same)

Chest = 40in (+1in)

Waist = 34in (-2in)

Hips = 38in (same)

Thigh = 22in (+1in)

Calves = 16in (same)


Not too shabby for a week’s-worth of work.  We’ll see where I’m at next week…

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