Can It Really Be That Simple?

My entire life, I’ve suffered from chronic sinusitis. I have permanent dark circles under my eyes and a constant stuffy nose, thanks to my being allergic to most every kind of grass/pollen/tree/dust/mold on the planet. It sucks, but the worst part isn’t actually the near-continuous sinus infection that is my life; the worst part is the effects it has on my throat and mouth.

Bad breath is caused by bacterial buildup in the nose/throat/mouth. Anyone who is suffering from chronic bad breath should speak to their glendora dentist before trying any of the methods I have advised in this article. For most people, this buildup is easily-resolved by making sure you don’t have leftover particles of food in your mouth for bacteria to feed on. But for a person with a constant bacterial infection in his sinuses…it becomes more complicated.

For over a decade, I tried to figure out a solution for this. The problem for me is that I have to attack my sinusitis with similar methods as I do my breath – treating the symptoms instead of the cause. Unless I find an allergy treatment that works – which seems unlikely, given I took allergy shots for years, with no effects – I am going to have sinusitis forever. But no one can see/smell my sinuses. My mouth, however, is another matter.

So, what did I discover on my quest to cure bad breath? It’s almost all bullshit. The vast majority of treatments for bad breath are either marginally effective or just plain ineffective altogether. So I stopped trusting experts. I started to look at what the problem was and what solutions corporations have discovered. What have they been adding to dental hygiene products, and why?

The answer is pretty simple. The only two things of note that have been added to toothpaste since we started using fluoride which many a Dentist in New York would recommend because it works for a wide range of people but other harsh chemicals are two fairly benign chemicals: hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate. The question is…why?

Let’s talk sodium bicarbonate, first. You know it best as “baking soda.” Baking soda is awesome. I use it to clean my drains, along with white vinegar. I use it in my fridge and freezer, to deodorize it. So it clearly serves two functions – it absorbs and it is an abrasive. In other words, baking soda, when used in your mouth, will scrub the Hell out of everything and will help with odors. But it’s not the real badass, in this article.

For the true hero, we have to look at hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is simply water with too much oxygen in it. It’s such an oxidant that not only do we sell it as a mere 3% of the overall solution, but we have to add a dash of acetanilide to the mix to keep it from literally tearing itself apart. You know how it looks when it oxidizes, if you’ve ever poured it on a cut – it foams up – that foaming action is the hydrogen peroxide coming in contact with organic material and launching the extra oxygen molecule onto the molecule it come in contact with, making that molecule go “boom.” Suffice it to say that drinking this stuff would be a bad idea.

But what about taking a sip and swishing it around your mouth? What would that do? Well, it does exactly what you might expect, based in what you’ve read so far – it goes around your mouth and tears the organic material apart. For most of your mouth, that doesn’t matter. The damage on the teeth is minimal and the rest of the tissue of the mouth is just like any other – most of the surface is dead cells, anyway, that it would actually be good to get rid of. What isn’t minimal is the damage done to everything else. It mops the floor with every bacteria in your mouth, not to mention food particles and (as a huge added bonus) teeth stains. While we’re talking about stains, this could just be one reason as to why getting in touch with a Durham Dental Dentistry (if you live in this area of South Carolina) could be a potential solution to finally getting the smile they have always wanted. Plus, at least you know you’ll be getting the treatments done professionally, which is always a bonus.

In other words, hydrogen peroxide is your solution to oral hygiene. You can use it alongside some fluoride free toothpaste to help keep things nice and clean. When you buy Listerine Whitening Mouthwash, you are literally just buying mouthwash with some hydrogen peroxide in it. When you buy Colgate Whitening Toothpaste: guess what? It’s just toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide in it! So, follow along with me and do what I say.

You need no more than a thimble-full of hydrogen peroxide to wash out your mouth, mostly because it is going to expand rather rapidly. You’ll also want your toothbrush, to scrub along with it – brush your teeth and tongue just like you would, but keep your mouth closed. It’ll take around a minute. You can do this twice a day, same as you would with toothpaste. If you want to overkill it, you can still use toothpaste, afterwards, to get that “minty fresh taste,” but the “clean feeling” is going to come from that peroxide. Your tongue will have less of that “icky white buildup” and your teeth will be noticeably whiter. If you add a tongue-scraper into the mix, you will have the cleanest mouth you’ve ever had, within a week.

Try it and see. Forget all the “home remedies” and “miracle treatments.” If you want fresh breath and white teeth, all you have to do is brush with hydrogen peroxide. It really is that simple.

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