Subsequent Post-Modernism – Written December 10, 2003

Upon reading the assigned philosophies written by the foremost philosophers of this, the 20th, and 19th centuries, I have come to the conclusion that I do not want to write about any of them. Each of their works has some good points and some bad points, but those points are made in such complex ways […]

Taoism and T’ai Chi are two of three “lost religions” of China. The other is Confucianism which, though similar to Taoism, is not nearly as related to T’ai Chi. T’ai Chi and Taoism, on the other hand, compliment each other very well. Tao simply means “The Way.” Taoism is a name given to a sequence […]

How Laws of Nature Define Animal Rights – Written April 21, 2003

Animal rights are concepts that are difficult to ethically define because humans define ethics. If people can not even define ethics for themselves, it is difficult to define them for the animal kingdom. Luckily, one could say that our Earth, as a living entity, creates a system of ethics (Naturalism would be the closest example). […]

An Explanation of Feminism – Written December 17, 2004

Recently, I began noticing an extraordinary amount of students expressing dissatisfaction at the systems that are in place without taking into regard how the systems worked, just what they desired the systems to be. Without a real understanding of exactly how things work, it is difficult to change them; ergo I was motivated to write […]

Platocavern – Written March 14, 2005

Finding myself suddenly unchained from a giant wall in front of me, I was surrounded by the overwhelming sensation that what I saw were mere representations of what was indeed reality. Until moments ago, I had thought my life my own, now understanding that it was all, in fact, a lie. All around me were […]

Existence and Non-existence – Written April 29, 2005

My entire life, ever since I can remember, the idea of existence has driven me; my mother tells me I am the most intense person she has ever met in regards to experience. Indeed, my exploits into greater realms of existence can find me bedding down with angels and demons, experience hell and heaven in […]

The Application of Guerrilla Warfare in an Academic Setting – Written January 5, 2005

It is ironic that Che Guevara’s most famous words, “Hasta la victoria siempre,”1 would be contrary to his ideas about guerrilla warfare. While his cause was Communist economic and social equality his methods of achieving this were based in deception and strategic offense, rarely relying on unity except within the ideals. Guerrilla warfare, a revamp […]

Aristotle’s Interpretation of Spartan Women – Written March 1, 2004

In Aristotle’s Politics, Book 2, Chapter IX, Aristotle makes a clear connection between the dominant role of women and Spartan society as having a connotation of lawlessness; at the same time, Aristotle’s other statements about women show his slant towards women. At the same time, his ideas about Athens and Athenian government being superior to […]

Honor’s Logic Final Paper – Written April 30, 2004

The following was printed in the High Point Enterprise April 20 of this year… Bush boosts U.S. security The war in Iraq is the right thing to do.  I agree with Bush: “Stay the course.” I admire Bush for doing what Clinton failed to do by removing a threat to this nation and making it […]

Comprehensive Stress Management Program Project – Written April 28, 2005

Apology This is a segment outside of my project I’ve chosen to include to give some perspective into this project. What I came to understand in the one day I wrote this entire project was profound; in an attempt to capture what I experienced that day, I have done little editing, hoping that the unorthodox […]

Student Appalled at Assembly – Written January 18, 2005

“I want to walk out right now; you can write that down as a quote, if you want,” the perplexed senior Zeta whispered as the Reverend Mr. Robert Williams proclaimed that now, almost two decades after the Martin Luther King holiday was conceived, “sophisticated segregation” was inflicted on the African-American population. There were more than […]

Bank Facade Given Makeover – Written April 5, 2005

Omni National Bank was founded in 1976 as United National Bank in Fayetteville, NC, is the only bank based in the city, and was the first and only minority owned bank in Cumberland County, having only six locations nationwide. United National Bank was bought by the Atlanta-based Omni Financial Services, Incorporated, in 2000. Douglas L. […]

Putting History First – Written February 24, 2005

When Deborah Amos and Rick Davis spent the week of Feb. 13 in High Point, North Carolina, to guest lecture at High Point University, they wanted to expose students and locals alike to realities that are not normally covered on the evening news. Their gripping depiction of the Middle East captivated many different audiences throughout […]

Sentiments of a Senior – Written April, 2005

When I first came to this school four years ago, I was told by my RA, also my student government president, that it was his goal to leave this school a better place than he found it. It had always struck me as a cheesy idea, one he used to get his name on plaques […]

Biography – Written October 16, 2003

The true story of Michael Fritz is not known, which is to say that there is little known about his life, and the information that is known is hidden. The whole masquerade is deep-rooted in my family, my father’s side, my Italian side. Most people, including myself until a few years ago, knew my great […]

No Use For A Name – September 15, 2003

I’m sorry, I can’t cluster words, I find it ridiculous. When I cluster words and then write, I simply get distracted during my writing either because I have a thought that isn’t “on the page” and have to figure out where to put it or, what’s infinitely worse, finding something on the cluster that you […]

The Last Days of Jonathan Graves – Written November 10, 2003

Who’s this one? Coming across a man in a black trench coat walking down the street is a normal occurrence, but thankfully I am blessed in having greater sight than most. This one’s name is Jonathan…Jonathan something. He’s extraordinarily upset; he is going to kill someone or someones…he doesn’t seem to be sure. He just […]

Summit County Summit – Written October 20, 2003

There’s a place I go. I’ve only been there once, but I visit it every day. The top of the highest peak in Arapahoe Basin. The air is thin and the snow looks like a sea of sugar waiting to be cut. I can’t see anyone except myself, as if I’m seeing myself from the […]

The Brymeyer Chapter – Written October 1, 2003

I met Adam Eckels the summer between my 8th and 9th grade years; he had moved in just down the block from me. My “block” was actually one road with about twenty houses on it, each house taking up about a half an acre. Adam and I always got lots of shit in school because […]

Contemporary Taoism and its Gesticulations – Written December 9, 2002

In the early morning of December fifth, 2002, the state of North Carolina had one of the most fantastic ice storms I have ever seen. Much of my life has been spent in northeastern Pennsylvania, where the autumn is cold and the winters could feel arctic. Even in all my days of blizzards and multiple […]

I Heart Violence – Written April 23, 2003

I hate beginning an essay by tearing apart another work, but in this case it is necessary based upon my required assignment. John and Nana Naisbitt, along with Douglass Phillips, have a totally misconstrued idea about American culture and the age of electronics. Their argument starts out with a quote from the memoirs of the […]

The Great Masquerade – Written March 21, 2003

Once, a friend of mine said to me, “You exist because I made you. Before I met you, you did not exist to me, and therefore did not exist.” I replied, “But, I did exist.” “Yeah, but I don’t care.” This is an interesting metaphor for life. It is a really heady idea – does […]

Two Educations – Written January 21, 2003

My high school life was unlike most others’. There were so many changes that occurred in my life, it is hard to really differentiate. The first real difficulty I had in high school was not academic, but social. It was not without the social education I received (thanks to these mytefl reviews), however, that I […]

Change Is Not Always Progress – Written February 21, 2003

Sometimes, in the course of a nation’s events, it becomes necessary to re-structure the government. Most revolutions in Earth’s recorded history can pinpoint their catalyst in a dynamic realization about the ways things are and the way they ought to be. Humanity is long overdue for an Enlightenment, but before each revolution there must be […]

Heroes – Written September 25, 2002

Heroes Throughout time, people have sought after heroes. Whether the hero is a god, warrior, artist, or other talented character, people need heroes. When these heroes begin to deteriorate, as they have in the last 150 years, a paradox occurs. Heroes barely exist in modern culture, and if they do they are poor representations. Modern […]

Brotherhood – A Reaction to Death of a Salesman – Written December 2, 2002

My entire life, I wanted to have a relationship with my brother. All my life I had watched television’s idea of perfect brotherhood – the younger brother asks the big one for advice, the big one beats up the big kids that pick on his little brother, that sort of stuff. And, for the most […]

My Gift to the World – A Persuasive Essay – Written December 6, 2001

On Wednesday, November 28th, 2001, I was caught in possession of marijuana in my dorm room by a High Point University campus security guard as well as a member of the High Point Police Department. The situation occurred at a little after 8:00 pm. I was in the room with my girlfriend, who had not […]

A Comprehensive Study of American Drug Laws – Written April 26, 2004

According to the ideals of a free society, that which is done by the individual that does not harm others is legal. At the same time, when an individual does something that does harm another, it is considered illegal. If a government attempts to hinder what an individual does without showing how it causes harm […]