Change Is Not Always Progress – Written February 21, 2003

Sometimes, in the course of a nation’s events, it becomes necessary to re-structure the government. Most revolutions in Earth’s recorded history can pinpoint their catalyst in a dynamic realization about the ways things are and the way they ought to be. Humanity is long overdue for an Enlightenment, but before each revolution there must be unrest, so it is uncertain if/when a real sexual revolution will occur in America, let alone the world.

Men and women are simply different creatures. Each has undeniable characteristics of sex, whether physical or psychological. Males have always been the “dominants” in society because old ideas of male strength simply trickled down until men were both physically stronger and psychologically smarter. Getting down to basic fact, men are males and women are females. Though we are the same species, were are anatomically different, which by definition can not be truly equal.

A variety of arguments come from that paragraph above. I would love to discuss my personal views on topics such as maternity leave or women on U.S. Navy submarines, but I have much more pressing thoughts in mind. Ever since I was 13, I have been fascinated about sexuality, specifically why guys and girls act so differently and yet so similarly. After reading many books, I have concluded that men truly are from Mars and women are emigrants of Venus. People spend so much time trying to figure out the “why” of how men and women act that they miss the real question of “what do we do about it?”

To recognize where one must go, one must see where one is. And, right now, the world is really messed up. There are kids getting their hands cut off in Sierra Leone, girls that could have been saved burning alive in a school in Saudi Arabia because they were not dressed properly to be in public, massacres, genocides, and super-viruses that will probably wipe out a large part of Earth’s population if humans manage to ever stop dropping bombs on each other. America is seen as a place where these problems do not exist, at least completely. The United States has a much more subtle way of keeping their citizenry in line.

When the U.S. was founded, it was seen as a very free place in comparison to any other part of the world. For centuries later, it is still seen this way; and there is complete validity to that argument. One could say that the most free country is a country in anarchy, but America manages to keep a very tight ship without really hurting anyone’s “civil rights.” After the mid-twentieth century, the government even granted equal civil rights to everyone regardless of sex or race. Ever since Plessy vs. Fergusson was seen as unconstitutional, people have been trying to make things “more equal” by making more laws on top of the previous ones, not realizing they are being counterproductive.

Americans are unaware of the real problem that they face. If people would just stop fighting each other for scraps of freedom they could see that they could cooperatively have immeasurable liberty. Governments do everything to keep people divided; they have no interest in people really joining together and being a real force, and for good reason: they don’t want to be overthrown. The first example of this is the concept of the two major races in America – European descendants and African descendants. To put it plainly, whites and blacks, two colors totally opposite in every way, constantly in flux. When people view themselves in a color scale, a scale based in numbers, it is inevitable that they will see themselves in the same numerical way (the same goes for men and women). If people can not even see past something so minor as race, how will they ever accept any sort of equality between men and women – two things that actually are different? And what institution asks people what race they are every ten years; who continues to have an overwhelming majority of its staff answering that question “white male;” who has gerrymandered voting districts to the point of absurdity? Our own United States government. The same government that is bought by corporations, makes the maximum prison sentence the same for possession of fifty grams of cocaine versus five grams of crack (clearly an act made based on the socio-economic stereotypes of blacks and whites), and claims that those under eighteen years old are not protected under the same rights as an adult.

Men and women, black and white, adults and children – all these ideas must be purged if we ever want to be a free society. The government does not want this to happen, obviously, but I now wonder if the American people are just as uninterested. They rarely vote, but they complain about the country, which says a lot about what they desire. Most do not even realize that 89% of the Senate is made up of white males, and most really do not want to. For many, ignorance is bliss, and revolutions are not made by ignorance. If people do not feel they are being mistreated, even though they are, they will see no reason to change things. Things like the Miranda v. Arizona make me sick – people ought to have an idea of their rights in their own home, but they don’t. It was, however, a step in a good direction – educating the masses of their rights (sadly, they are educated only after being stripped of other rights). The Miranda Warning should be called “The Only Rights You Have Left.”

So the government, run by a bunch of white men, oppresses the people, but it does so very slyly as to not tip off the American people. Most do not notice it because they have been made to not care. People have been lied to by the government for so long that they don’t even really notice anymore. In the last 1800s newspapers like The Sun looked like The National Enquirer because of all the scandals going on – contemporary times are very good in comparison. Things are only good, however, because the government has gotten better about what they let the American people in on. The entire system uses all their tools to their benefit, whether it is an anti-drug ad that shows a girl getting sexually assaulted or any advertisement for a truck or beer. Women are objectified and used and they just do not seem to care, so why should the government? Men are being just as exploited because of the few women that do notice the injustice inflicted upon them and, whether they know it or not, attempt to cripple freedom instead of enhance it, as is the case with affirmative action, an idea that had equality in mind that (like most things that classify people) became a system of statistics. The poetry of it all is how women are a minority but make up 52% of the population.

In the end, people are just scared. Whether they are scared to revolt against the government because it is too “big and bad,” or if they are just brainwashed into thinking a “step-by-step” approach to equality will work, people are dumb and aloof. They would rather change the channel when they are offended and then join pointless organizations like The Parental Television Council thinking that it will somehow effect anything. Feminists need to stop being feminists and be realists – equality can not exist as long as the people do not want it, and the people will not want it until they are awakened to the truth.

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