My Cool Taiwan Apartment

This is a video of my extremely cool Taiwan apartment.

After living here for a little over a year, this is what my home looks like. I’ve lived all over the place and hear about my friends looking for apartments for rent mississauga and other locations, so I thought I would film this so we can compare.


Check Out My Cool Taiwan Apartment


It’s 1100sqft (100sqm) and costs US$400 a month.



If the video doesn’t work embedded like that, click here to view my cool Taiwan apartment video!

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Thanks for checking out my cool Taiwan apartment!

One thought on “My Cool Taiwan Apartment

  1. Haven’t been able to read your blog in a while but seriously, this still blows my mind. Extremely helpful as always by the way 😀 you’ve sold me on Taichung coming May. My cat would be happy in an at least 2 bedroom apartment rather than a shitty tiny ass flat over in Taipei. Thanks man!

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