Free McDonald’s In Asia

Free McDonald’s In Asia


If you live in many parts of Asia (including Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong), there’s a good chance that McDonald’s wants to give you free food every day. This sounds unusual, but we’ll get to the reason behind it soon. Many people from other countries won’t get this free food, so those in Asia should make the most of this deal. For everyone else around the world, the normal Mcdonald’s procedure will be waiting for you next time you enter one of their restaurants. You’ll have to order your food in person, or through using one of their interactive kiosks, similar to the ones found at Those interactive kiosks allow customers to order their food themselves, saving the business time, and increasing their productivity by having more staff available to complete other jobs. Those in other countries will, unfortunately, have to pay for their food. For those in Asia, listen closely as I explain the free food deal.

I know that McDonald’s doesn’t have the best reputation, for a variety of reasons. While I certainly wouldn’t advocate eating at McDonald’s every day, I can find no fault in being offered free McDonalds every day. So, regardless of my personal feelings on McDonald’s horribly delicious (deliciously horrible?) cuisine, I feel compelled to share what I’ve discovered.

Some might remember that, back on March 17, McDonald’s bought a bunch of people breakfast on what they called “National Breakfast Day.” They served over 300,000 Egg McMuffins – for free – across Asia. You have to admire marketing stunts like that. But then McDonald’s took it a step further, releasing a fantastic smartphone app called McDonald’s Surprise Alarm.


If You're Not Now, You Will Be Soon

If You’re Not Now, You Will Be Soon


The App Is a Simple, Yet Ingenious, Idea


Started in Singapore, the McDonald’s Surprise Alarm serves as a daily alarm clock, which sole function is to give you a Surprise from McDonald’s every day. Each Surprise is different and can range from “Lame” to “Awesome.”

Lame Surprises include stupid fortune-cookie-style messages or some song they think you should download.

Awesome Surprises range from discounts on food/merchandise to legitimately free coffee, sandwiches, fries, and desserts. Many are “no purchase necessary” while others are “buy-one-get-one free.”


First, You Gotta’ Download the McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App

(click here to download the Taiwan McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App for Android)


While that’s downloading, here’s a look at what you should expect when you use it. The set-up is very standard and straightforward (though, it will be in Chinese, so you may need some help, at first).



Sign Up With An Email, First


Sign up with a dummy email, not with Facebook or your real email. I have a Pro Tip coming later about how to circumvent this app’s Daily Surprise Limitation to reap crazy benefits from it, if you stick with me for a few more scrolls.



Once You’re Registered, McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App is Extremely Simple to Navigate and Use



The App Changes Its Appearance Slightly Throughout the Day


You set up your alarm time for whenever you want; Android users get a special hookup, being able to customize their alarm using music from their phones. Then, once a day, the app will alert you with a Surprise.

What kind of Surprise? You really never know, exactly. It might be that you get a buy-one-get-one-free chicken muffin. Or a free Egg McMuffin. Or free fries. Or a video. Or a song download. Or one of those stupid one-liner “you act cute but we all know you’re just an advertisement” things. Whatever it is, you only get one a day, and most offers have a 48 hour limitation: after two days, they disappear forever, so use them or lose them.


It's Pretty Straightforward

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Now Here’s That Pro Tip I Promised You


I know what you’re thinking. “Can I just change the date on my phone and get more?” No, you can’t. And you wouldn’t want to. That would get really annoying.

Cruise around the app for a while and you’ll discover that you can log on and log off, just like any other app. That means that you can set up multiple accounts through multiple dummy emails and receive as many daily Surprises as you have accounts. This is crucial because McDonald’s sends out totally random Surprises, which means if you have three accounts, you will get three different Surprises every day.

Obviously the coupons will stay in respective accounts’ “Surprise Wallet” sections of the app, but I’ve had no issues using multiple coupons to redeem multiple free items, switching accounts to access different coupons while at the register. free china dating site


Enjoy Your Free McDonald’s in Asia


I don’t know how long this is going to last, so get it while the getting is good. This is one of the smartest apps I’ve seen in quite a long time. Not only is it consumer-driven in its 100% free nature, but it insures your exposure to the McDonald’s brand every single day. McDonald’s has figured out how to keep themselves in your mind constantly, simply by giving you free food and making you come hang out at their restaurants (which, in turn, means you will inevitably spend money there).

It’s gloriously consumerist and worth downloading, no matter who you are. Hats-off to McDonald’s in Asia for offering free McDonald’s in Asia via McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App!


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