I Need To Write Every Day

I’m going to try to start doing that more, like I did in college.

Back then, I was impressed when I would pound out 8000 words in an all-nighter.  Now, I can do 2000 words an hour without breaking a sweat.

So, why don’t I write more?

As I age, am I becoming more jaded?

I refuse to let it be so!

I will be writing for you, my audience, because I know that you are out there.  My numbers do not lie.  While I have a modest ~500 views per month, I feel a loyalty to those who follow me silently.  I know you are out there.  Some of you, I even know who you are.

So this is a sort of pledge to my readership.

I can’t promise you quality.  I’d never commit to delivering something I am unsure I can deliver.  Even this: I’m going to try.

But, I’m back in Taiwan, and I am inspired.  I’m inspired by my new business – I want to write about how that’s going.  I’m inspired by world events and Taiwanese events; I want to show the world both what is happening as well as my perspective on it.  I’m inspired, simply, about being home.  Because, of all the world I have lived in, nowhere feels like home to me like Taichung does.

One day, it might be me ranting about the frustrations of doing business in Taiwan.  The next might be a restaurant or hotel review.  I already have two lined up for such treatment, and I’ve only been here 48 hours.

So stay with me!  It should be a good time.  If you’re not a subscriber, now has never been a better time to watch and see what develops.

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