Israel Is the Bully You Hated

I hear a lot of people saying Israel is justified in what it does.  That they’re standing up for themselves.  Americans love that rhetoric, because so many of us still think we’re Rambo Cowboys fighting for truth and justice.  But here’s the reality.

In 2007, for every one Israeli death there were 25 Palestinian deaths. That’s compared to 2002 when the ratio was 1:2.5. That’s 2002, the worst year for Israel since 2000, when they were losing 22 people a month – meanwhile, they were killing 55 Palestinians in the same time period. By 2007, they were losing one a month, but still killing 25 Palestinians.

In 2006, 31% of Palestinian casualties were under 12 years old, with most deaths resulting from head/chest wounds. While suicide bombings in Israel peaked in 2002 (when the death ratio was 1:2.5) at just just over 40 for that year…by 2007, when that death ratio was reduced down to 1:25, Palestine landed one suicide attack!

Imagine you saw a kid on the playground at age ten: for every two kids that punched him, he punched another five kids. Now, fast-forward to him in junior high school, where the pattern has become him punching 25 other kids in the face, but only getting punched in the face one time. You’d say he’s standing up for himself? You wouldn’t call that kid a bully with some serious issues?

And, yes, those 25 kids hate that one kid who doesn’t stop punching them in the face. They might try to get hits in on him, but they rarely score a punch, and get knocked out 2,500% more often then any of them knock out the bully. But they’re stuck in school with the kid and the school’s administration doesn’t seem to understand that the bully is the problem. Instead, they enable him, because they feel bad that his parents made him move to a new school when he was little.

It’s too bad those people can’t stop hating our freedom; then we could stop committing war crimes against them.

3 thoughts on “Israel Is the Bully You Hated

  1. wow interesting way to put it, why this topic tho? is there something in the news i missed?

    anyways, i met a guy from Israel one time, he said he will punch me, so i guess its in their DNA already 🙂

  2. Yeah, as Bismarck said — …and damn statistics.
    Statistics means nothing and as we know we, USA, managed to kill lately 1 cool million Iraqis and…nothing.

  3. These sorts of metaphors don’t really do much to enlighten anyone. You can’t just reduce everything to the ratios of people killed. Israel kills more because it has the power to do so. If the boot were in the other shoe, the differential would be a lot higher.

    Of course, the Israeli army should be pressured to not be so casual about killing civilians when they bomb the Gaza Strip, if bomb they must.

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