Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

In high school, I had a teacher that always told us, “Know your audience.” Most times, I act like I couldn’t give a damn about my audience, but I find that’s really not the case. While I don’t write solely for my audience – this piece, for example, is far more for me than it is for anyone else – I do care quite a bit about who is actually reading what I write.

Since becoming exactly one year ago, my blog has been read 17,000 times. My audience began at 10 views a day during its first month and has since grown to over 100 views a day.

So, who are those people? Where are they from?


Just over 50% of my readers are in Taiwan; 18% are in the USA and another 7% are in Singapore. The remaining 25% of my readership is made up of people from over 100 countries worldwide.

So how do all these people find me?


A lot of people search for me, a lot of people share my content through Facebook, and a lot of people are linked by my old blog. My YouTube Channel doesn’t bring as many readers as I’d like, but I know it helps with my SEO, so it’s fine. My channel now sees an average of 500 people a day (compared to 50 people a day a year ago).

So what kind of searches are bringing people to my blog?

Search Terms

Well, isn’t that nice? 70% of search terms used five-or-more times are about sex in Taiwan. But, remember: of the 3,800 searches that located me, the most times anyone use the same search term was 10. Given that I’ve got over 200 posts on this blog, the ways people search and find me are pretty amazing. Still, sex or wanting to find sexual content such as being able to watch this or other sexual content in Taiwan, is clearly something my readers are focused on in their searches.

So what are people reading?

Popular Posts

It’s amazing that I only have two pieces on sex in Taiwan/Asia, and they amount for over a third of my overall views. The piece I wrote about the Taichung MRT at the start of this month was huge, as well. A lot of what people read about seems to be related to Taiwan, in some way.

I figure most of my readership is between 18-50 and, because of the number of people looking for sex with Asian hookers, I have to assume it’s heavily male and may even represent a potential market for something like Asian sex doll (see to view some models).

However, the question remains, as it always does, if I should be writing more for what people are searching for or writing more for the audience I wish I had. Gotta’ know your audience.

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