Part I – Energy – Written 2002

Spirituality is a topic I’ve dealt with my entire life. I was brought up Methodist and confirmed Episcopalian, but I never really believed any of it; it all seemed too simple. From the time I could have independent perceptions about the world I questioned what was taught in every philosophy or theology I encountered. There is no name for my system of ideas, it is simply that. The reality is I have no idea who or what I am; what I do know is that I do not know everything; I am closer to knowing nothing than knowing anything.

I am simply a mind that takes in other people’s thoughts and compares them to other thoughts I have or have collected from others. It is entirely based on perception, and mine is unlike any other. The first matter posed in spirituality is the concept of a transcendent object.






The ultimate goal that each person seeks – to join with the transcendent object. For some, this was manifested in the idea of a being that controls existence, whereas others believe it is energy, and some others simply believe that a transcendent object is indefinable.

Mankind’s arrogance about himself in relation to existence always astounds me. Since human beings have become conscious, we have dedicated ourselves to the classification of what is. By doing this, we have amassed countless amounts of words to break down all things into categories. To simply stick with relatively complex things (i.e. The Animal Kingdom) we can see that there are over 1.5 million different species of animals. To humanity’s knowledge, humans are the only identifiable conscious being. In knowing that there are vast amounts of creatures that are classified as “beings,” and there being countless amounts of life that can not be classified as “beings,” it is incredibly arrogant of mankind to believe that an ultimate power or transcendent object would be similar to us. Genesis claims that God created man in His own image, but it is my opinion that man created the idea of God out of his own form. Man has always known that there is something higher to the universe – every religion has a theory on it. Some religions chose to use a being as their transcendent object because it is easy to accept and easy to realize. If, to understand God, all one has to know is that God is a being in Heaven watching down on all of us and controlling absolutely everything, then one has taken away all responsibility for his/her actions. This is perpetuated even further by a concept that God not only has, but created, an adversary that will inevitably lose against Him every time. Some claim that God gave man free will and that He does not control them, but they then claim He controls everything else, including man’s autonomous inventions. Nothing is more aggravating than hearing that man has free will from God, but an “act of God” can occur and severely affect man at any time. Deists had the best idea about God, but even they were off when in the idea that there is no longer any spiritual control of the universe because God no longer affects anything.

According to Earthly physical and chemical theory, atoms make up everything that exists. Within these atoms are protons, neutrons, and electrons; these particles of the atom are constantly in flux. All objects, regardless of how they appear to the eye, are constantly moving because of atomic movement. To go further into physics (which, I fully admit, I know very little about), it has been theorized that there is a set amount of energy in the universe; this energy does not increase or decrease, it simply changes forms. The two types of energy are commonly known as kinetic and potential. For example, a paper has potential energy – the paper is not visibly moving or using any amounts of energy from any outside source. However, when a match ignites the paper, it creates a flame which releases energy in the forms of heat and light. Unfortunately, the paper must be destroyed for this energy to be released, but the amount of energy in the universe does not change amount – it simply changes forms.

Energy can be harnessed in many ways. Most people harness energy and never realize it. I believe all occurrences are based in the transfer of energy simply because there is no action that does not require the use of energy. Simply thinking requires massive amounts of electrical energy in the brain, as does any physical activity (chemical energy is harnessed in physical movement as well). Even the wind is energy: ask any sailor. The only thing that I have been unable to argue is the existence of energy in what we refer to as “outer space.”

Space is defined as a vacuum, and within a vacuum certain things can not exist (e.g. sound). Light, on the other hand, can exist, except within certain spaces such as black holes. Another discrepancy between laws of physics and theories of energy is the idea of absolute zero, or zero degrees Kelvin, the idea being that temperature could become so cold that everything ceases to move. This includes all matter and waves, including light; black holes and absolute zero are two widely-accepted theories that can defeat hypotheses of energy being omnipresent. However, one must pose the question of man’s knowledge – he has never witnessed a black hole or experienced absolute zero, therefore how can he know that they exist as theorized? Unfortunately, that question can be posed to many things, including the theory of atomic movement.

Once again, I would like to reintegrate the fact that I know more about nothing than anything. I would also like you, my reader, to ask yourself how much you really know, and how much those that you trust know. Was Einstein a genius or insane? Was Jesus of Nazareth Christ or some sort of demon sent from Hell to confuse us? In the end, we all know nothing, and we can only guess as to how the world works. Universal theory is beyond human comprehension as this point because we can not even figure out how the Earth works. So, to take the next rational step, we can focus on the physical planet Earth.

Earth is one big rock, rotating on an axis, revolving with a bunch of other rocks around a big ball of burning gas. These rotations, coupled with the orbit of another big rock around the Earth, create massive amounts of energy in the form of gravity, which affects all Earthy elements. Internally, the Earth has many levels of solid and liquid minerals that constantly change the planet’s surface (e.g. the Mid-Atlantic Trench). By knowing this, one must assume that the magma that is seen coming from the core must come from somewhere, and most logically it would be the layer of mineral above said core. Continuing up the layers of the Earth, knowing that all space that has something removed from it must be filled with something, then the crust of the Earth that we live on must have parts of it break off and descend to the layer of minerals below it. This is the most basic physical pattern that can be grasped in proving a theory of cycles.

Hinduism was the first religion I was exposed to that subscribed to a theory of human cyclic existence. Taoism was the first religion I was exposed to that subscribed to a theory of natural cyclic existence. In looking at both, I decided that Taoism had a much better idea with the theory of yin and yang than Hindus did with Karma. The theory of yin and yang is a corollary to the theory of chi (the Chinese theory of universal energy); it states that energy exposes itself in positive and negative forms and that the two forms are constantly in flux until one realizes Tao and understands chi completely. Once this happens, the chi of the person is totally joined with the chi of existence. The Buddhists and Hindus were on the right track when they claimed the body to be the greatest adversary of the mind, but it is also an essential tool to realize chi.

Death is the first thing I think about in relation to cyclic existence. Birth…life…death…then what? Some say the spirit goes to an afterlife; some say it is implanted in another being that is born at the same moment as the first body’s death; some believe that nothing happens after death. The theory of afterlife has always concerned me because, once again, it is too based in humanity. The concept of a bunch of individual spirits floating around a specific space set aside by God to house them is really illogical. The theory of nothing happening after death is even more ridiculous – though we may not have the same consciousness of our energy, our energy will continue to exist in different forms. The idea of reincarnation I will address later.

My favorite theory on death is the idea that, postmortem, the brain maintains activity for six to twelve minutes. The brain waves, when measured, are most similar to waves generated during dreaming. It has been speculated that dreams exist when a person is asleep and end when a person awakens; it is also widely accepted that real time is inconsistent with “dream time” in that a dream can appear to last a lot longer than what amount of time actually passes in reality; this is somewhat incorrect in that “dream time” does exist as “real time,” but it is often shown in many small segments like a movie that must be pieced together in a larger story.. If dreams are only stopped by a person awakening, then why can’t the six to twelve minutes after death last forever, at least to the mind thinking them? This is a perfectly valid explanation for “afterlife” if one can forget about time. The idea of time is simply a scale humans have created to gauge their own existence. In reality, the entire span of time is just one long moment broken into segments so it is easier to categorize.

The idea of reincarnation seems to be the best as far as realistic concepts of birth and death. When the body dies, its energy is set free into an all-encompassing energy (chi), and is then allowed to flow freely within that energy. By flowing throughout that energy, there may come a time when one’s original energy, or perhaps only a part of one’s original energy, flows into another being. Many people argue against Hindu/Buddhist ideas of reincarnation because of numbers (the world’s population has grown; where did the extra “souls” come from), which is why I base my theory in energy, not soul.

Now that postmortem experiences have been covered, one can focus on how man interacts with his most basic environment – nature. Man began in nature with the rest of animals and evolved, for whatever reason, into who he is today. It is entirely possible that man will continue to evolve in many more ways, especially mentally, and that energy will be easier for him to recognize. Wicca ideology claims that a person can absorb energy from living beings such as trees, and modern neo-religious theory even states that people can pull energy from any living creature, not just plant life. I think that energy transcends all that – people are still trying to base the harnessing of energy with competition, which is stupid. Why would you want to steal energy from a living being if you can harness the naturally flowing energy that is not being used by others? Meditation is a prime example of how to do this, and I find it interesting how meditating amongst different things affects energy transfers. I find that it is easier to pull energy from people, then animals, then plants, then pure energy. This can be attributed to the similarities amongst how the energy is interpreted; humans relate to humans better than they relate to plants or animals. Pure energy that has not been defined by a source that the body is not familiar with is very difficult to harness. It is theorized that a person who is in tune with the purer aspects of energy can manipulate energy outside their physical being by projecting energy in different forms.

Already, I know I am losing some people; reading this saying, “Didn’t George Lucas already profit off this?” Yes, The Force is just like chi. No, Star Wars was not the first time this idea was presented. The concept of energy manipulation dates back thousands of years. Ancient Chinese legends tell of men and women so connected with internal and external energy that they could control many aspects of the world around them, such as their speed, agility, and ability to move objects with their minds. Even in modern times, examples of harnessing and manipulating energy can be seen whether it is a Shao Lin monk taking a blade to the stomach and remaining unscratched or a random man walking away from a 170 mph motorcycle accident. Every person has the ability to harness as much energy as he/she wants, but the ability to manipulate the energy is dependant on the type of energy received and what is done with it.

Receiving energy from humans is as easy as it is (usually) subconscious. Most people take energy from people and never realize it. Normally, the transfer is based on interaction between people in a physical state, regardless of which of the five senses interprets the signal. For example, if a person is paid a compliment by someone, he/she automatically registers it in his/her brain, thinks about it, and change one’s psychological, or perhaps even their physiological, being accordingly. Some people would smile, some would blush, some would just accept it, but regardless of how something is received, it changes the receiver. Unfortunately, this change is usually instinctive and uncontrollable simply because the other person’s energy is also inherently instinctive and uncontrollable, therefore human energy is the worst kind to get because it is extremely hard to manipulate. Animal energy is nearly as arbitrary except that it is easier to acquire but harder to manipulate within the body, but very easy to manipulate within another animal. This is, of course, the reason that man surpassed animals and created civilization. Energy found naturally within the body or amongst plant life is another “subconscious” energy. One can find plant energy when hiking through the woods or simply strolling through a garden; the human body also produces its own individual type of energy. Plant energy taken into the body is normally either used by the body or used towards another human; manipulation of a plant by a human is incredibly difficult, especially if the energy being used to manipulate came from the same thing or type of thing being manipulated. Energy created within the body does the same basic thing, though it is more effective in regards to human interaction. Pure energy is very difficult to acquire because it comes from an unrefined source such as inanimate objects or naturally-occurring free-flowing energy. Since this energy has not been interpreted by another living being, the person receiving it is free to do what they desire with it. Many meditative practices teach how one can allow energy to flow or be concentrated within the body. This energy is powerful and allows for the most refinement, making a person who possesses it extremely powerful in comparison to those that do not. Chi itself is difficult to describe. There are a variety of spots within the human body that harness, store, refine, and change energy; most of the energy within a human body is either electric or chemical, while free-flowing energy takes on many forms.

So, to sum up so far: the universe is questionable, the Earth is cyclic, and there is an energy that makes up all things that exist within the Earth and perhaps outside Earth. But the knowledge of energy is a fairly basic step. Even the realization of it can be done fairly easily if one concentrates hard enough. The real question is, “How is it consciously used?”

From studying concepts of T’ai Chi, I have learned that it is possible for a person to harness energy and manipulate it into different forms. When pure energy is cultivated, it can be used in many ways. Sometimes the stored energy simply diffuses into the body, making the person more aware of themselves and his/her own energy. Another utilization is to exert the energy in a physical way. The Chinese refer to these ideas as jing and li. A simple analogy of an automobile can be made as to what the mind, chi, jing, and li are and how they interact: the mind is the driver, chi is gasoline, jing is the horsepower, and li is the actual movement of the cam/drive shafts to move the wheels. In a more practical sense, the mind cultivates and harnesses chi and converts it into jing, a type of energy that can be applied to physical force (li). This form of energy, instead of being absorbed into the body, is stored for future use. There are many techniques to storing energy, but I have found that the most effective way to learn how to store one’s jing is to use one’s jing by applying li. Once one cultivates chi and performs a physical action (li), jing has no choice but to be formed to support li. This is the most basic physical projection of jing.

A more complex physical projection is the controlling of jing during li. Once a person has learned how to store large amounts of jing, he/she must learn to use it at the proper time during li. One example is martial arts, specifically T’ai Chi. T’ai Chi teaches that energy in the form of jing must be released when a physical contact (li) is made with an opponent. It is said by T’ai Chi masters that the best application is in a wave-like form. An example of this is a punch: would a punch from five feet away hurt more than five punches one foot away? Obviously, five punches from one foot away would hurt significantly more than one single punch regardless of the distance. By using jing at the correct time and in the proper way, it is possible for a single one foot punch to feel like five one foot punches at once. Another way to use jing is the projection of jing into a very concentrated area, requiring a light strike but inflicting heavy damage. By this same rationale, it could be possible to greatly affect something physically by applying massive amounts of jing.

I must, at this point, give some credit to James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy and subsequent sequels. Much of what I came to understand about energy was not from Taoist literature, though I have read the Tao Ti Ching more times than I can remember, but from The Celestine Prophecy. I remember reading it and thinking, “This is the concept of chi written into a form that the masses can actually comprehend.” His concepts on energy transfers are profound in their applicability. The main point that he stressed is the concept of controlled coincidence.

About a year ago, six months after I began to focus my attention to chi, I realized that Redfield’s concepts of coincidences were spawning themselves in my life. To this day, I will have the oddest coincidences and I have begun to attribute them to energy transfers. I will randomly think of a person I have not seen in three months and two minutes later I will see them; knowing who is on the line before I pick up the phone; things of that nature. This idea of energy transfer is somewhat like a controllable fate in that, by focusing one’s energy enough, he/she could potentially make other people subconsciously (or perhaps even consciously) do things. My premise is fairly simple – everything that holds energy has a perimeter of energy around it. This perimeter (commonly called an aura) is energy projected from the body and is constantly in interaction with all sources of energy around it. Energy that encounters this aura can be communicated back to the aura’s transmitter. This is the reason plants follow the sun, this is why the tides shift, this is why coincidence happens. As a person comes to a greater realization of chi, he/she will be able to enhance perception and manipulate external energy within his/her environment.

This consciousness leads to great responsibility for the wielder of such control over energy. Many argue that the moral question, “Should one use energy to manipulate one’s environment” is posed, but I believe that the question is irrelevant. Once people realize chi and truly understand energy and the existence of it within everything that exists, I do not believe they would use this energy to intentionally or needlessly harm others. Now, this is not to say that, as people begin to learn about energy, that occurrences of “energy abuse” could not arise, but the situation would take care of itself. Sex is a perfect example of an extreme energy transfer; it is one of the most widely accepted spiritual activities. I once had a friend that told me, “Did you ever look back on people that you could have had sex with but didn’t? Aren’t you glad?” I never really thought about it, but I am. There have been so many energy transfers in my life, not just sexual, but all intimate, that have been cast aside as if they were meaningless. I’m sure when you think about it, you can see these same feelings in your own life.

When an energy transfer between two beings occurs, it creates a connection that is totally specific to those two beings. I say beings because it is difficult to describe the connection one feels to chi; the connection amongst living things is much more obvious in comparison. If a person was to project his/her energy towards another being, that person would feel the effect that their energy had on the affected being. By utilizing energy one renders one’s self susceptible to that energy’s communications. This is to say that one would be forced to interpret whatever energy-based action was projected, and this makes it highly unlikely that a person would wish to harm another since they would inherently harm themselves.

Energy projection can be done in a variety of ways. Coincidence having been covered, telepathy is a good tangent to follow. The concept of telepathy is relatively new to the human mind, and therefore is very hard to interpret. Charlatans exist everywhere; psychics claim to tell the future through people’s telephones. However, it is fully plausible that if a person was at a higher consciousness of chi, he/she could have telepathic abilities. Once again, the energy transfer is based on communication; in this case it is total conscious energetic communication as opposed to the involuntary coincidence. This level of consciousness can only be reached by harnessing pure energy and manipulating it to serve whatever purpose is required.

Once again, I will tell tales of great Chinese masters who could simply be in each others’ presence and know how a fight would end before it even began simply because of each master’s connection with chi. Simple touch could result in death, what the Chinese call dim mak. In order to understand energy, it is not enough to know one’s self, one must also understand how chi works. In this way, Tao comes into play. Tao is Chinese for The Way, and it represents the same type of thing as Nirvana or, to compare to Christianity, a Christ-like human existence. Each religion has some sort of goal they set for its members; for Christians it is to live like Christ, for Buddhists and Hindus it is to realize Nirvana, for Taoists it is to understand Tao. Tao is both universal and relative in that each person’s Tao is different but inevitably leads to the same conclusion; a realization of chi. To put it plainly, Tao is the way chi works; by understanding how chi works, a person becomes one with chi. Sometimes, Tao is realized before death, but it is always realized after death. Once the body is gone and energy remains the energy must take on new forms, forcing the individual’s energy into chi. It is my belief that no being on Earth knows Tao; when Tao is fully recognized the being’s energy is changed into pure energy and becomes chi, which unfortunately would cause the body to die. I came to this realization after studying Bruce Lee’s teachings.

Bruce Lee taught that “The highest art is no art. The highest form is no form.” He took Taoist perspectives to a whole new level, such as the idea of softness being true strength. As I progressed in his teachings about Jeet Kune Do, I began to read more about his philosophy, and began to notice that he got progressively more enlightened as he got closer to his death. The medical explanation for Bruce Lee’s death was a sudden cerebral swelling that induced a fatal coma. No skull trauma was found and no blood vessels were ruptured, but his brain had suddenly grown by over 10% over the course of a few hours. The medical examiner’s conclusion was that Bruce Lee died from a hypersensitivity to a headache pill he had taken earlier in the day.

Bruce Lee did not simply die, he realized Tao. As soon as Tao was achieved, his energy, which was concentrated mainly in his head and muscles, began to change. Lee worked out religiously and obviously had great control over chi and jing; his legendary “one inch punch” is a perfect example of that. So, when Bruce Lee’s mind realized Tao, the jing that was stored in his body as well as all chi around him was drawn to his newfound consciousness, and the human brain can not take that kind of stimulus. Bruce Lee’s consciousness (along with his physical brain) was expanded with chi as soon as he realized Tao and that realization led to his “death.”

Tao is the goal; through Tao, totally natural existence is realized. Little more is known about Tao except that it is universal truth about how everything works. By looking at all the other knowledge gained through out the world in regards to the one constant – energy – I am forced to conclude that Tao is actually like an instruction manual for chi. Taoists define Tao as the simple or natural existence while at the same time being the most complex existence; chi is perfectly simple and complex. The best description I can think of for Tao comes from Lao-Tzu:

Act without acting,

Serve without concern for affairs,

Find flavor in what has no flavor.

Regard the small as large and the few as many;

And repay resentment with kindness.

From this relatively simple concept of inherently serving and caring for others and finding pleasure in it we can get closer to knowing Tao. Recently, I came to realize something about a friend of mine who, to many, is viewed as somewhat of a lazy slacker. After reading something by Bruce Lee, I realized how enlightened my friend was because of how natural his existence is. Taoism teaches that a person should do certain things with Tao: 1. Do no harm. 2. Serve others. 3. Exist as simply and naturally as possible. Buddhism teaches the same kind of ideas, though they claim that meditation is the key to achieving enlightenment. Taoism is based on experiences within the natural world; if a person can exist totally naturally in an environment, he/she is a part of that environment and therefore one step closer to being closer to understanding pure energy.

The Chinese call the idea of existing as simply and naturally as possible p’u, meaning “uncarved block.” It is thought that, in order for a person to know who they truly are, he/she must accept everything that is encountered. Absorbing and interacting with everything and yet not changing one’s state is extremely difficult to do, which is why it is that last aspect of Tao. The first two aspects are fairly simple to reach in comparison to p’u. If one is in the state of p’u, they simply and naturally exist to the point where thought ceases – there is no purpose for independent thought. The theory behind this is that, to achieve p’u, one must have experienced all that the world can offer and the knowledge gained by these experiences has been absorbed to the point where it is constantly known without needing to be retrieved with thought. Bruce Lee’s concept of “no art” and “no form” are perfect examples of p’u – the ability to exist harmoniously within one’s environment without doing anything purposely to do so.

The key to Tao is acceptance. If people simply accepted everything they perceived, the world would be a much happier place; at the same time it could prompt many people to experience Tao and the population could decrease dramatically. Unfortunately, mankind has a hard time accepting anything that is not status quo. No matter what logic one attempts to use, there are people out there who will not deny the existence of God for whatever reason. Some would argue that, by a person thinking that a “God” exists, they are not accepting reality. I disagree. These people are fully accepting reality – their own reality. If a person can live a good existence by believing in God or Jesus or Allah, good for them. What becomes a problem is when people begin to try and claim “right and wrong” about different perceptions of reality.

The whole idea of a spiritual “right and wrong” or “good and evil” is absolutely absurd; the idea of a truth can be posed by a person or even group of people, but a set system of religiously-dictated ethics is a catalyst for conflict. Good and evil are simply tools used to discredit unfamiliar ideas or give ultimate power to ideas that are already accepted. If people stopped saying “this is truth” and started saying, “this is truth as I see it,” there would be a lot more positive energy in the world. People seem so caught up in being self-righteous and being “the best” that they lose sight of the real goal of personal truth. In reality, most people are self-righteous, even myself; I’m writing this, aren’t I? My objective, however, is not to convince you that I am right, but to convince you that you are right. If you have read this far, it is logical to assume you are intrigued by what I have to say, and most likely have agreed with at least one aspect of what I have said. What people must understand is that they are all literally the authors of their own lives. Everything a person perceives is perceived differently by each individual; right now your mind is reading impressions of ink off a sheet of what was once a tree and interpreting them in your own way. Yes, in all reality, you are actually the author of what you are reading, not me. You see it as you want to see it, I just happened to provide a mechanism.

A revolution is coming to the world, but no one sees it. I have wondered a long time about what I call The Realization – the ultimate revolution. In this revolution there will be a massive boost of consciousness amongst the entire population of the world. People will no longer view themselves or their environment in simplistic terms like “man and woman,” “black and white,” “gay and straight,” or “adult and child.” Once the world realizes that it indeed knows very little, and that each person always has more to learn, especially from his/her fellow man, all ideas of people being different will disintegrate, for it is impossible to be “better” than someone if the only real goal of existence is Tao. The world will either at that time, or perhaps before that time, have consolidated itself into a planetary network of countries existing as a whole, the groundwork of which was laid in The League of Nations and is being laid today in the United Nations. People will collectively realize that to harm one another is really to harm themselves, and this will elicit a giant change in economic and social structure for, once again, when Tao is the only goal, class and money mean nothing. The closest was I can describe the “New System” after The Realization is Socialism, a system totally based in serving everyone, regarding the small as large and the few as many, and being content.

Unfortunately, for a revolution to occur there must be some degree of unrest within the social order, and most people, at this point, are not ready to realize Tao. Every major event in history was caused by something else, once again we could get back to cycles. To stick with Western Civilization, man realized many things in ancient Greece and Rome. Much of modern Western philosophy is based on ancient Greek philosophy. As time progressed, man believed he was enlightened as to Christ, and about 1,500 years later realized that knowledge was more powerful than faith. After this Renaissance, there was no stopping thought. It is amazing to watch the advancement of man and see how long it has taken him to do what he has done. For example, it took us over four and a half millennia to go from the first written word to the first mass-produced written word on a printing press; it took us only a century to go from a very basic typewriter to personal computers; it took a mere decade to switch from Unix-based BBS to the World Wide Web. The further man moves along in time the more collective knowledge they acquire. It has been argued by Taoists that modern technology hinders a natural existence, but once again, I disagree. Man controls his respective consciousness and being and therefore creates things. Those that argue technology to be detrimental to human existence simply do not see its full potential. The internet is a perfect example of a super-powerful tool that has greatly aided in people’s understanding of the way things are.

People say that the internet is not “real” and that those on it are not “real people.” The reality is, the internet is precisely the same as what most people define as the “real world.” All that a person perceives, regardless of what sense it is directed through, is energetic signals which are then communicated through an intricate system of electrical transmitters throughout the body and interpreted by the brain. In reality, all things that are perceived are simply reverberations of something else; an object can not be seen, only the light waves that refract off it can be seen. Sound is not actually heard; a series of sine waves are interpreted by the ear drum and turned into electrical impulses for the brain to retranslate. Sight, smell, and touch all follow similar paths. External energy that transcends the five basic senses can be made up of a variety of things, but it, too, must be interpreted by the body as electrical signals. Any time that energy encounters the human body, it is forced to change into electricity in order to be transmitted, and can then be reorganized and retransmitted later depending upon where it is needed and what it is needed for – this is what I currently accept as “truth.”

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  1. I am curious about what you think of this concept: On daoism, we believe the spirit(not free energy) of people all go to hell after death, for a trial, and to be sentenced and punished for what they did wrong in their life. After that, they eat mong-po soup, the memory of this life is completely erased before the reincarnation. That’s the transmigration of lives in daoism. We also believe that people you meet in this life are somehow related to you in last life in a different way.

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