The Long Winter of My Discontent

I talked before about peaking in high school, and that I could never be accused of such a thing. University, however, is a different story. It was one of the best times in my life and I had major accomplishments. I served all four years in student government and, along with my best friend at […]

men freeballing in public

I haven’t been much into machines, in terms of my lifetime. There wasn’t much exposure to me – my dad wasn’t into them – I didn’t hang out with any gearheads. I’ve always been great behind the controls of most anything that can be steered, but it wasn’t until I moved to Taiwan that I […]

Sweet Dreams – Written February 4, 2003

When I sleep, when I walk, when I sit, when I drive: I dream all the time. There are occurrences in my everyday life that could suggest that I am delusional on some level simply because I will live so much of my existence not paying attention to reality. The question most important to me […]

Love and Hate – Written October 7, 2002

One morning as I was walking back from a friend’s apartment to my bed I began to think. The night had been wild and yet uneventful, and it was now six in the morning and I was all alone on my campus – just walking through the North Carolina fog that hazed the air just […]

Typical Day in the Life of a Sophomore – Written October 6, 2002

Some days, I wake up feeling very refreshed. Though, on most days, I feel quite the opposite. Today I had “a bad wake-up,” as I like to call it. Imagine awakening to 1980s “cock rock” on the radio followed by the realization that not only are you not intoxicated anymore, but you’re remising. It’s during […]

The Last Days of Jonathan Graves – Written November 10, 2003

Who’s this one? Coming across a man in a black trench coat walking down the street is a normal occurrence, but thankfully I am blessed in having greater sight than most. This one’s name is Jonathan…Jonathan something. He’s extraordinarily upset; he is going to kill someone or someones…he doesn’t seem to be sure. He just […]