6 thoughts on “Taiwan Western Union Money Orders

  1. wait explain to us again how did u do it for free? where in taiwan did u pick up this money? and how did u send it to urself? from ur bank? what bank is that? can u tell us more?

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  3. After reading this, and contacting you, I did the Western Union thing a couple of times already. From the US to Taiwan, it’s been $12 each time. It may be because I am not transferring enough, I don’t know. But it has been relatively painless. Mom shows up with ID, the exact amount I’m sending, and the transfer number, and ta-dah! Next I’m going to have my mother open an account to make it easier (probably).

    I’m doing it directly from a US bank account. The bank had a SPECIAL routing number for bill pay, which apparently applies to Western Union. Once I got that figured out, there was a few hours delay, a call to my cell phone verifying I was human, then my first transfer happened.

    Yeah, it takes three days instead of one day, but this is waaaay easier than doing a wire transfer, and a lot cheaper. Not to mention spending 90 minutes to 2 hours at the bank was really annoying.

  4. Joseph, regarding bank charges. Go to Cathay united bank. They don’t charge atm fees. It is your issuing bank that will charge you a flat fee + a percentage. Australian banks generally charge $5 + 3%. The latter includes a cut your money wholesaler will pocket (visa/Mastercard) and they also set the fx rate not any bank. So, you will find the debit Mastercard/visa card rate better than your traditional atm card with rates set by your bank.

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