This Day and Age

I think people have been saying “this day and age” forever.

Even Ancient Romans were disappointed in the way things were headed, even though we now know that their dismay at perceived degeneration was actually substantial progress, in the long run.

It’s easy to become disillusioned with it all.

For me…I write people off as being incompetent.  That’s not a hard thing to do, anywhere, but living in Asia makes it so much easier.  Taiwan, a country with an average IQ of 104, is the largest group of intelligent morons I’ve ever seen.  Their society places such little value on developing their emotional and spiritual sides that it can sometimes feel like living in a land of badly-programmed robots.

That’s not to say it’s unimpressive.  There’s a lot impressive about it.  It’s a generally comfortable and safe place to live, from my point of view.  But it’s also a place where everyone is so irrationally terrified to lose that comfort and safety, to the point where it drives them into a selfish rage that they bottle up inside themselves.

Because they spend their entire young lives memorizing-and-regurgitating information, they never actually developing any social concepts; if you ask ten different Taiwanese people what they do for fun, you will get ten different answers that amount to “nothing.”  It’s a culture without much enjoyment.  Just security.  Uncomfortable security.  Because, despite the fact that they are addicted to it, you can tell that they can’t stand it; they’re sad.  Addicts without a chance of rehabilitation.  It’s too late for the adults, who are too blind to see that the children are just modern replications of themselves.

Now, instead of raising kids to be productive drones, and focus on family, you find these kids completely sucked into a digital world.  And America isn’t really any better.  Everyone is so focused on giving their kids “a better life” than they had, they forget that maybe not all change is good.  Maybe we need to stop focusing on giving kids more of the new stuff that has become the standard of success assigned by an society of social idiots and actually think about what true success is, and how to achieve that.

Again, it goes back to competence.  Obliviousness as to what actually defines that Success.  Looking beyond it, it’s easy to see the social gaps, economic gaps, and how well it all plays out for the ruling class.  A perpetual workforce, clueless as to how to change their plight, forever serving the interests of others while being infinitely self-absorbed.  It’s a Perfect Storm.  They’ll never figure it out.  They can’t even see past themselves to figure out what’s really going on and how they’re all being punched out in a socio-educational assembly line, not for the betterment of themselves, but for the betterment of people who are capable of actual thoughts beyond themselves.

Even that idea…this day and age…is clueless.  This day and age has existed for far longer than any of us realize.  I can only hope that, in two thousand years, when people look back at the history we’re creating, we won’t be as much of a disappointment to them as we are to ourselves.

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