Who In The World Visits This Site?

After almost two years of running this blog, I’ve seen my hit-count rise along with the number of countries who have read what I have to say.  Of the 200-or-so nations on Earth, 153 have visited my blog over the last two years.  It got me wondering: what might that look like, if it were mapped out?

So I took a world map.


I colored all the water black.


Then I color-coded each nation according to how many times they’ve viewed my blog.  I decided that blacking out the nations with zero views made sense, as well.


The overwhelming majority of Europe and the Americas have visited jsphfrtz.com, and every Asian nation with the exception of North Korea.  Most nations with widespread internet access have come across me at least once.  Notable exceptions include Iran, many of “The Stans,” and much of Africa, all of whom find themselves in a dark ocean without my website.  It would make me very happy to see every country in a shade of blue.

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