MAGA: Was Life Better Back Then Than It Is Today?

  Was life better back then than it is today?  We all see a lot of memes out there that suggest that reality.  Just today, this made it across my Facebook feed:     It got me thinking and, when I think, I research, and when I research, I write. And three hours later, here […]

Meitian Hotel, West Pudong, Shanghai Review

I’d never been to Shanghai before.  My parents were staying at the Waldorf-Astoria (which is as nice as you’d expect), but my brother and I weren’t looking to spend quite so much money for our accommodations.  The problem that I found – and, likely, you are finding, if you are trying to find budget hotels in […]

An Expat’s Guide to Staying Connected with Skype

I’m an American who has spent three of the last five years living abroad in Taiwan, a relatively small island off the coast of China.  Up until two months ago, I was one who refused to get a smart phone.  I’d never had a real reason to have one beyond the novelty of it.  But, […]