God Bless The Media (2000 Election Recount) – Written February 23, 2001

Geoffrey Chaucer, in his famous classic Canterbury Tales, wrote, “Truth is the highest thing that man may keep.” This quotation has an abundance of meaning in the current re-count of votes from the past election. As most people are aware, there was a controversy in Florida over who won the state’s electoral votes: George W. Bush or Al Gore. Bush won the election, but the count has been continued by various media groups in order to determine the true winner, although it would be impossible to correct the error even if there is one. The media should continue their count of votes as long as necessary to ensure that the truth is found.

In 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden ran for the Presidency of the United States. Hayes won the election with an electoral margin of one vote. This is the closest election that the United States has ever witnessed, and it is also the most corrupt. If it were not for the media in the United States, people would not know what they do about that election. Unless investigation continues into this past election, citizens – and future citizens – of America will never know what exactly happened.

Americans have never accepted lies. Even today, numerous controversies still exist that people believe that the government has lied about. The John F. Kennedy assassination is a perfect example. Had there been a greater investigation into that, we may know more about what happened. However, investigation was dropped and many believe the “truth” was never found.

If America is really, “The land of the free,” then, as the Bible states, “The truth shall make you free.” Unfortunately, many people do not believe this. Those people are the ones trying to halt this investigation. These hypocrites who live in America and believe it is “the land of the free” must accept everyone’s right to view the truth. And, in this case, the truth may be painful for some. However, in the end, it will be beneficial to all.

Many people say that America should stop the recount. Some say it is a waste of time, while others say that it has already been done many times and nothing came of it. Both of these points are valid. However, my previous points can disprove any attacks on a recount. The press has the freedom to recount the votes if they want to, and no one can deprive them of that. If thy want to “waste their time;” why not let them? And as far as past recounts go – they were only of a few counties. The recount hat is currently occurring is for a much larger amount of votes. The election may be in the past, and there may not be anything we can do about it even if Gore would have won. But if that is the case, we can prepare ourselves for any future problems resembling our current predicament.

In order for American citizens – current and future – to know how to run an election process, this recount must take place. Either way, America will win. If we realize that Gore should have won, then we will know to reform the election process. However, if it is true that Bush won fairly, then we will know to not go crazy and recount every miniscule vote in the next race. Overall, the recount must continue so America stays the land of the free… and the land of truth.

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