Sex Rules – Written February 27, 2001

It has been said by many that there are four main drives of man, “Fight, Flee, Feed, and Fornication.” Throughout history, there have been advancements in fighting, fleeing, and feeding. However, there is little advancement in fornication. Humans have made weapons, created vehicles for transportation, and devices to prepare and preserve food. Sex is still the same. During one’s early life, it is more important to have many relationships than keep a steady one.

Since the dawn of time, people have had sex with multiple partners. All you need to do is take a look at a website similar to to see how much people enjoy having numerous sexual partners. People like having sex, and people like having it with many people. A perfect analogy for this is food, another drive of man. It is very hard to find a perfect food that one would want to eat every day. Until one find that perfect food, or significant other, one has to try a variety. Ultimately, this is why websites such as are so popular as they satisfy a desire for varied, sexually charged, and pornographic content. In the entire world, there are only two types of creatures that fornicate for pleasure, humans and dolphins. The truth of the matter is that people like having sex. They also enjoy variety, hence the term, “Variety is the spice of life.” In order to find exactly what one would want, that person must try many things and discover what they truly desire more than anything. For some people this involves watching adult videos on pornographic websites like Chances are, they will not find it in their young (17 – 22 years old) life. Though it has been known to happen, chances of it are rare.

In young life, people are trying to discover themselves. It is very difficult to find one’s self if that person is tied down with another person. If that is the case, then the person is trying to discover two people! Trying to find one is hard enough while dealing with school and other social pressure: why add a girlfriend/boyfriend to the scenario? It is illogical to add stress to one’s life if they already have a lot to begin with.

With steady relationships, there are two options: marriage or break-up. That is it. The chance of a break-up is so much greater that it is hard to even contemplate the odds of marriage. The more people you date the better chances you have to find “Mr./Mrs. Right.” By that same rationale, it is logical to fornicate with as many people as possible, therefore increasing your odds regardless of whether or not you are having any long-term relationship at the time.

Many people claim to have great reasons as to why young people shouldn’t sleep around. My personal favorite is, “The Bible claims it is wrong.” This argument is used all the time by both religious and non-religious alike to make themselves sound intellectual and make them sound right by making an attempt to harbor in themselves the respect that the Bible already has received. This argument is absolutely fine as long as it is used correctly. The Bible does say that a person should have one wife, and only have sex with that wife. At best they can look at some content to spice it up, but that’s about it. However, there are exceptions and hypocrisies all over. For instance, Abraham is now considered one of the most revered Old Testament figures had many wives, as did Saul and King Solomon. Another concern about multiple partners is a chance of pregnancy. This can be easily avoided by use of birth control, of which there is a wide variety.

In this age, as in all other ages, sex is a drive for mankind. In order to fulfil that drive as best one can, sex must happen with many people. The chance that people will meet their significant others during their younger years is very unlikely, and therefore long-term relationships during this time are pointless.

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  1. I can’t say that I entirely agree with that. Multiple partners brings multiple problems. Two of the most obvious are unwanted pregnancy and STDs. You say that birth control will stop pregnancy. It will … sometimes. But birth control can fail, or people can fail to use it properly. There are other problems as well, emotional ones involving attachment and abandonment, pride, jealousy, and so forth. These can’t be simply ignored. Ultimately it’s better to wait, just as the Bible says.

    • The Bible says absolutely nothing about it being “better to wait” (until marriage or any other time). It does, however, completely allow polygamy. So should we all be polygamists, just as the Bible says?

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