The Truth About the USA’s Military Budget

There’s a lot of talk out there about the USA’s military budget.  You see a lot of graphics like this     talking about how the USA’s military budget dwarfs other military budgets.  How the USA’s military budget is as large as the next Top 7 military budgets, combined.  And this is not inaccurate. In 2015, the USA […]

Raw Data Regarding Voting Records, Graduation Rank, GDP Rank, and Welfare Rank

Voting Records (from Presidential Elections) Red – Voted mostly Republican since 1999 Purple – Even split since 1999 Blue – Voted mostly Democrat since 1999   Graduation Rank (lower number is better) 1 being the most undergrads living in the location 51 being the fewest undergrads living in the location   GDP Rank (lower number is better) 1 being […]

Statistical Correlations of GDP Per Capita, Welfare, and Voting by State

I hear a lot of people talk about freeloaders, in every election.  Conventional wisdom dictates that the states with the most people taking handouts and the states with the lowest GDP per capita would vote Democrat, in hopes of improving their lives through government handouts.  Sadly, I rarely see statistics on these assumptions – only empty rhetoric. And […]