The Arrogance of a Young Writer – Written March 25, 2003

First they point, then they laugh, then they fight you, then you win.

– Gandhi

First, I want to make it very clear that I am above you. So far above you, in fact, that you can barely see me; when you do you jeer at me because you’re scared of what I can do that you can’t. Those that know me know my power, those that wish they knew me simply see subtle glimpses of my might that I mask so they can’t see its warrant. I don’t know what scares me, but I know it’s not you.

Faggot hippie pussy? Skateboarding queer? Let’s see you talk your shit when you’ve downgraded the concentration of liquid courage. You hear my words and can’t understand them – it’s you that’s scared. You’re terrified of a person that doesn’t even have connection to your life – do you see the power yet? Do you see the might that captivates you and drives a stone deep within your shoe; can you comprehend the manipulation that impales the thorn of insanity into your side?

I would tell you to get over it, but at this point I think I like you better when you fester. All you can do is talk shit when you’re wasted…I can talk all day, and do. There would be a lot of irony if I was constantly in your mind even after you eliminated my connection to you or anyone you care about. If I actually cared more, I’d hope it was true.

Because I don’t care. I look at you like I look at the rest of the sheep on this planet. All the ants scurrying around having no idea what’s going on because they are too busy thinking they’re cool. Having letters on your chest doesn’t make you tough, especially when the only way you can fight is to have them ready to jump me on the first move. You are so damn stupid you can’t even comprehend the consequences of that action. I may not wear letters, but I know who the gods are, and you are not one of them, bitch. You can beat me but you’ll never beat me, and if you think you can you’re more of a fool than I thought.

So, to conclude, fuck you. I’ve had it with your nonsense. If you were actually a bug I’d squash you, but instead you’re just like a big cockroach. I eliminate you and then a whole hive of assholes take your place; it’s just not worth it. I can deal with your total mindlessness – it’s much easier than dealing with a bully with a brain. So talk your shit, I want you to (I lied, I do care). Keep me real fresh in your mind, because you have yet to see the last of me.

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