Typical Day in the Life of a Sophomore – Written October 6, 2002

Some days, I wake up feeling very refreshed. Though, on most days, I feel quite the opposite. Today I had “a bad wake-up,” as I like to call it.

Imagine awakening to 1980s “cock rock” on the radio followed by the realization that not only are you not intoxicated anymore, but you’re remising. It’s during these times that one must find something, preferably a very recent pleasant memory, and cling to it. This is not nearly as easy as it sounds. At first, my brain feels like a San Francisco fog at 5:00 am. After that, it’s a battle to think of anything, let alone a good feeling.

After I realized that I had three tests to study for this week and that I had to go to work from one to six, I was not in any position to get out of bed, despite the Quiet Riot blaring from my alarm. My mind simply said, “What’s the greatest thing you remember from last night?”

Last night sucked. I got wasted, but overall, it sucked. Lots of drama mixed with lots of pain makes for a wretched concoction. So after the dust cleared from respective tragedies, I stepped in to sweep up as best I could; imagine attacking a dune with a dustpan.

My “heroic” moment comes when I was in a friend’s room, just after she and her boyfriend had a rather despicable breakup. In a rare form, especially from someone as egocentric as me, all I wanted was to make her feel better. I never like to see my friends in pain, especially a friend that causes no pain on others, above all not this caliber of anguish So I hugged her and told her everything I could, from how great I think she is today to how large of a crush I had on her all last year.

This climax of my night brings us to this wretched morning where I found myself wishing I was back to this scene, just to see one thing again. Now, there are plenty of fine things to look at on this girl, but I never concentrate on what others say I should, or even think I should. Instead, I just remember her eyes. They were sad, yet hopeful. Like perfect glass believing itself to be shattered. Exquisite, beautiful, amazing, enticing, and exhilarating are all descriptions that come to mind when I think both of these eyes and of this girl. When I was younger, I listened to Aerosmith’s Big Ones all the time. To this day, “Deuces Are Wild” skips due to use whenever I put it in my CD player.

I loved this song for many reasons, one being the melodrama of the music, another that the lyrics were profoundly what I wanted. “I love to look into your big brown eyes…talk to me and seem to hypnotize…you say the things nobody dares to say…” Since I was twelve years old, I have dreamt of a pair of eyes that could make me feel like that. Until 2:00 am this morning, I had no idea if I’d ever see them. But at 11:00, when I woke up, I was very glad I did.

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