You’re The Sub?

I’ve come to realize, over the last few months, that I’m in a unique position.

Since returning to the USA in December on 2011, I began substitute teaching at Pulaski County Special School District at the end of January.  I have worked the last 45 out of 55 working days, the majority of my work being at Robinson Middle School and Robinson High School, as well as Maumelle Middle School, Maumelle High School, and (the dreaded, to be talked about another time) Jacksonville Middle School.

So, first things first.  This is not a life plan, here.  I am back for this portion of my life for a few personal reasons, but I am not staying.  The position I am in, however, allows me to share some aspects of life with those who choose to read that may fascinate, frighten, amuse, or dismay almost all who read what will come in following months.  I hope I can keep up to the task.  I see a great many things.

First of all, Pulaski County Special School District is shaped like a huge doughnut surrounding Little Rock, Arkansas (but not encompassing Little Rock).  It’s huge.  It’s got seven high schools, seven middle schools, twenty-five elementary schools, and two special schools.  One district – forty-one schools.  Yeah.  The district is 730 square miles and students can attend any school in the district.  To put this into perspective, Rhode Island is 1,050 square miles; with Little Rock (the area Pulaski County Special School District surrounds) having 200 square miles, it is basically the size of Rhode Island.  One district.  Forty-one schools.  It’s insane.

I’ll have more to come on it all.  Possibly today and hopefully in the future.  I want to share some of this stuff I’ve experienced.  I don’t know why but I feel it might benefit someone.

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