A Month Later

Well, here I am, a month after beginning my “not really a workout” workout routine and “not really a diet” diet.  It really has not consisted of anything more than doing crunches, push-ups, and pull-ups, as I think to do them (2 minutes of my life a couple of times a day).  I’m eating smaller meals but I still eat ice cream and pie.  For a week of this month, I was at a wedding, where I didn’t really work out at all, though I didn’t eat much, either.


Here’s the breakdown, after a month of doing 5 minutes of “working out” a day and “dieting” by not eating anything too large or close to bedtime:


Height = 71.5in

Weight = 180lbs (-5lbs) – (Goal=175lbs)

Wrist = 7in

Neck = 15in (same) – (Goal=15in)

Shoulders = 48in (+2in) – (Goal=48in)

Upper Arm = 14in (+1in) – (Goal=15in)

Forearm = 11in (same) – (Goal=12in)

Chest = 40in (+1in) – (Goal=42in)

Waist = 33in (-3in) – (Goal=32in)

Hips = 37in (-1in) – (Goal=38in)

Thigh = 22in (+1in) – (Goal=22in)

Calves = 16in (same) – (Goal=16in)


The breakdown is simple enough.  I have gained where I wanted, lost where I wanted, and look significantly better than I did a month ago.  Consider that my total weight loss has only been five pounds, but I have added at least an inch to each section of my upper body except my waist, which has lost three inches; my body-fat percentage has dropped from slightly over 22% to slightly under 16%.


I did the math.  I estimate I lost just over 10 pounds of fat and gained just over 5 pounds of muscle during the course of the last month, doing little more than staying active and not eating like a pig.  I look better than I ever have, in my life.

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