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This blog has been operational for about a year.  Last spring, I decided to put all my old work on here, for people to read – everything from when I was in high school up until my late 20s.  I put a lot of academic writing on there and a lot of personal writing from college.  My blogs, however, have focused on a variety of things, from travel to politics to sex to life in-general.

This brings me to you.  My audience.  I thought perhaps you would like to know who you are.  WordPress is a facinating site that allows me to see where you are from, what search terms brought you here, and what you read; as I am obviously a data-oriented person (if that’s not obvious, just keep reading), I decided to give it a bit of analysis.

To date, 4,000 people have read my blog; 1,500 of them stick to my home page and archives, which means most of them get there through WordPress.  The other 2,500 people get there via links and search terms.  The following are the Top Eleven most viewed blogs:

Whoring Around Asia – 369 views

By The Sea Resort Hotel Review – 366 views

Aristotle’s Interpretation of Spartan Women – 293 views

Selective Service: A Feminist Perspective – 141 views

Clarkton Hotel Review – 93 views

Restoring A Sunfish Sailboat and Learning to Sail – 80 views

The Spiritual Growth of Hester Prynne – 72 views

Oasis Park Hotel Review – 62 views

Bluefields Alpha Hotel Review – 57 views

How Laws of Nature Define Animal Rights – 52 views

Opinion Essay on Animal Testing – 50 views

Dominance and Submission – 45 views

That means that my Top Eleven, when viewed without context, break down as follows: five academic papers, four hotel reviews, one on the Asian sex trade, and one on BDSM.

However, it should be noted that all hotel reviews were Philippines-based hotels, so the Top Eleven is really: five academic papers, five related to the Asian sex trade, and one on BDSM.

And, the numbers are the best part.  While at least 1-in-7 are visiting my blog to “gain inspiration from” (i.e. steal) my past academic writings, 1-in-four view my blog for the sole purpose of traveling to the Philippines to have sex – I know this because I see the search terms: here come your Top Eleven!

aristotle spartan women – 39 searches

the laws of nature and animal rights – 34 searches

aristotle on spartan women – 34 searches

feminism selective service – 12 searches

what is dominance and submission – 12 searches

by the sea resort subic – 11 searches

subic bay go go bars – 10 searches

subic bay sex – 10 searches

aristotle and spartan women – 9 searches

by the sea resort barretto – 9 searches

taichung outcall – 8 searches

Again, we see the pattern.  3-of-11 are about Aristotle’s view of Spartan women – to be honest, my dissertation on the subject is some of the best you will find.  But I wouldn’t reccommend plagarizing it too much.  Professors can use Google, too.  Anyway, because there are countless search terms that bring visitors to my site, let’s focus on the fact that there were 188 searches included in the Top Eleven.  Nearly half were about Aristotle and Spartan women.  Far fewer than that number searched for terms relating to sex in Asia, and yet, we know the numbers on my “Asia Sex Trade” blogs are massive – this comes from a huge assortment of random search terms that did not make the Top Eleven.  The facinating search, to me, was the one on BDSM, because I know I only have one blog about BDSM; it is awesome to know that I am eduating people on the subject.

So, where does that leave us?  I’ll tell you.  By my estimates, a quarter of you are high school or college students looking to rip off my academic writings.  At least half of you are mongors (people who travel abroad for sex).  The rest of you, however, are some of the coolest people on the internet.  You’re people who search for things like “us defense budget timeline” and “change is not always progess” and countless other random quests for knowledge that lead you here to my blog.  I appreciate you, the most of all.

You keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

6 thoughts on “This Blog Is Disgusting

  1. ok buddy, but to be honest with you i prefer ur youtube videos because its much more enjoyable for me to watch because i hate reading 🙂 i even use a program called readplease 2003 to read your blog and all longer text on computer
    i just hate reading 🙂 thank god for audiobooks and pleaseread 2003

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