I Just Smoked A Cigar on the Balcony

I don’t understand this world that I live in.

Which, I guess, doesn’t really say much.  I’ve never really understood this world I live in and I don’t think many other people do, either.  Those that do write books or become entrepreneurs or politicians.  Me?  I’m still stuck in the “figuring it out” phase of my life.

But I hope to change that.

You see, there’s not much I can tell you here in this blog entry.  If you’re looking for my top secret plans, I can’t tell them to you.  In the next two months, life will change dramatically for me once again, and almost no one will see it coming.  Not that this really matters to most of you reading this.  For most of you, what I do will be a non-event.  Even if you’re aware of it, you’re just going to shrug your shoulders and click on to the next Status Update on Facebook.

But not all of you.

For a few of you, it’s going to be life-changing.  For some, it’s going to fuck up their lives significantly.  For others, it’s going to improve them immensely.  For those that get fucked – sorry – but chances are you either did something to deserve it or you’re simply a victim of circumstance.  For those who gain benefit from it, well…I just hope I can see you smile, when it does just that.

You see: I’m a really empathetic person.  I tend to trust things more than I should and it is, without a doubt, in conflict with my nature as an agnostic.  Being an empathetic agnostic can be a real bitch, to be honest.  You never know what’s real, because your heart and brain are in constant conflict with each other.

Why am I writing this?  Just to write something.  To remind myself that I can still write, and write I shall.  The next year of my life is going to be very interesting.  The last year certainly has been.  I’ve learned a lot and I’ve come to a point where I’m ready for The Next Stage of Evolution in My Self.  Stay tuned.  It’s gonna’ be a wild ride.

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  1. Keep writing,theres always someone out there that cares reading. Change is good,looking forward to seeing you moving on to a next stage of life. Good luck.

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