One More Month, And The Agony Will Stop

There seem to be two types of people on Facebook or, at least, that’s been my perception over the last six months:

People who continuously post politically charged articles, memes, status updates, comments, etc. – and people who don’t.

Now, don’t get me wrong!  I’m a politically-minded person, and I will post the occasional political thought.  But they are a minority compared to what I post about science, sociology, economics, etc.  I try to refrain from posting too much personal stuff, lest I sound like a whiny adolescent girl on her period.  “Look at me – look at me,” is not really on my agenda.  Despite my writing blogs and keeping track of who reads them.  The irony is hypocrisy is not lost on me.  Let’s get back to my original point.

It seems to me that people who continually post political stuff – I don’t mean people who occasionally post their thoughts – I mean people who, multiple times a week, have something to whine about, politically – have some kind of righteous savior complex.  Like they need to save the dumb people from themselves.  It knows no political line; I see it from Republicans and Democrats, alike.

Both hardcore Dems and hardcore Reps have a very strange elitist, self-righteous, and pompous way about themselves.  As if anyone who doesn’t think the way they do is a complete idiot who should be brow-beaten until they change their mind.  Here’s the funny part, as I see it…

Nobody changes their minds!

I’ve never seen anyone say, “Wow, after seeing what so-and-so posted, it’s totally changed who I’m gonna’ vote for!”

They are all preaching to the choir!  And the only part that makes it so funny is that they don’t realize it.  The Crusades they are on are fueled by people who support them but don’t actually create any converts.  Like most Crusades, it seems to be more about belittling and defeating the enemy, more than getting them to change their point of view.  Not that they, too, are all-that-interested in changing their points of view.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m really glad that the election is a month away.  Hopefully that will get these people to shut up about it.  Oh…wait…I forgot.  For six months after, I’ll have to hear one side gloat and the other side whine.  Dammit.

Vote Quimby!

One thought on “One More Month, And The Agony Will Stop

  1. by saying that there is only 2 types but leaving yourself out of the two descriptions you automatically make your comment incorrect since your types the third type. i am also in that type style, i post on fb occasionally, and more science stuff and interesting things to let people know, and i dont post to much personal stuff.

    i just fb to make be a smarter person and to shear with people, not to kill my time or bc i am board.

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