An Easy Way To Understand The USA’s Budget

Let me give you an easy way to understand the USA’s budget by comparing their numbers to something more familiar to you.

Here’s the numbers regarding the 2012 US income/budget/debt:usa_budgetBut that’s not easy to understand and appreciate.

Because it just looks like such an enormous amount of money.

So how about we remove some zeros and pretend it’s a household budget?


Keep this stuff in mind when you hear politicians or media pundits talk.

And be really impressed that we made it to Mars.

Also, I don’t care where you live: $11,000 is way too much money to spend on a security system.

One thought on “An Easy Way To Understand The USA’s Budget

  1. wow that was so awesome man, u really put it so that i can understand it totally, i love it

    i will use this in the future

    but one thing i must say ok friend, its not security system, its like paying the city for police, fire, and medical

    bc American DOD spending is not just for americans, i mean we keep the whole world right, u know what would happened to taiwan if America would not be the best “security system” (as u put it) in the world?

    no more roc, welcome to People ROC

    its true man, i work for the us gov

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