Trying to Better Understand SEO as it Relates to My Content

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I do a lot of compiling/analysis of data. Usually, it’s not directly related to me, personally: today, it is.

I have my blog, which you’re reading, as well as my YouTube Channel. Feel free to check it out.

My blog has been active since May of 2011, but it never got more than 500 hits a month until last July, where it peaked at around 700.

My former YouTube Channel had some term violations from back in the early 2000s, so I was unable to monetize it; as such, I made the new channel I mentioned earlier. My current channel got three times as much traffic this last month as my former channel, and once I download and re-upload my most popular videos from my old channel, and place them on my new channel, I’ll see the new channel’s hits really increasing.

Here’s a basic breakdown of all my numbers, since last July:

Overall Monthly

WP: WordPress – WPC: WordPress Change – YT: YouTube – YTC: YouTube Change – TC: Total Change

The growth has been fairly decent, over the last six months; I’ve tripled my monthly viewership, with most of my traffic coming from YouTube. In other analysis, I’ve seen that most of my blog hits come from search engines (Google, particularly) while most of my channel hits come off YouTube, itself. Over 80% of my blog traffic comes from Google searches, while Google searches make up less than 1% of my YouTube traffic. My plan is to start to blog about my videos because there are loads of seo tools for wordpress that I can make the most of when it comes to improving overall searchability, on Google, compared to YouTube. Hopefully, this will correspond to an increase for both the blog and the channel.

My audiences are completely different, between the two venues, as well.

Take a look at my Top Ten WordPress Blogs versus my Top Ten YouTube Videos.


As you can see, the majority of what’s read is always what’s read; I have entries on my blog that have never been read and others, like any you see in these Top Tens, that I see get read every day.


My videos are completely different; people tend to watch whatever is new, more than things they search for (with the exception of the Top Two).

I can draw some conclusions with the help of SEO Tampa. Many Google searches result in sending readers to my Archives, not to specific articles; this is because I use simple tags that, when compiled, lead people to me. I do worry I have too many tags, though I’m not entirely sure how it works. I’m very new to SEO. To help familiarise myself, I’ve been told to have a look at what Indexsy wrote about seo agencies, as apparently this is a good introduction about how important SEO should be for people like me. To see how SEO services can help improve the current search ranking of your site, it is recommended that an SEO audit is conducted to identify weaknesses in current SEO strategies. For more information, see here –

Now, for those who have read how disgusting my blog is, you’ll see the same pattern above. 3/10 of my hits are related to sex, strippers, prostitution, and the like. My paper on Aristotle’s views on Spartan women is one of the highest-ranked on Google, so lots of people researching for their own papers come across it, and surely use it. Same goes for the work on sociopolitical statistical correlations.

But then there’s YouTube. It’s obvious to me that the Top Two – the Christmas surprise and the video of my apartment – are found through people searching on YouTube, or having it recommended after they watch other videos. However, most videos get hit because they are new. All the “white videos” in the January column will be off the Top Ten by this spring.

And then, there’s the locations of my traffic. Check this out:


Again, we see the difference in content, as it relates to hits. My blog gets slammed by people in the Philippines and people in Australia, but when it comes to my videos, they don’t watch much; this is because they are almost-all reading my works I mentioned earlier, about sex. Taiwan is the really interesting statistic, though. People in Taiwan do not watch my videos, but they’re a substantial portion of my reader-base. This tells me that I get a lot of expatriates in Taiwan, reading what I write, but since they live in the same world I do, they don’t see the exotic appeal of my videos like people in the US/UK do. Regardless, my American audience dominates both charts, which makes sense: I am American and my blog does tend to be Americentric.

So, why have I written all this? Simple. I want to find ways to increase my hit-count and try to make some money from advertising. I’ve had a hard time getting AdSense to work here, but I think once I get my own domain name and a better template, I can really link up my content and get what I want out of this. Sadly, even with 4,000 hits a month, that’s really small potatoes. I mentioned this to my friend, just the other day – how, ten years ago, I’d be pumped to think that a few thousand people are reading/watching – but, now, it feels like so little. Granted, it is a lot more than it was six months ago…but I also know that I need to increase my total hit-count to 30,000+, a month, to really benefit from it, financially.

Part of this is because of the nightmare of advertising. A lot of ads only show up for American audiences – half my YouTube views don’t display ads, because there are no ads for the location that is viewing it. I’d hope I could get some ideas for other methods of advertising, to better serve my blog and my readers. Ideally, I’d like to have relevant ads; travel sites, such as Travelocity or TripAdvisor, could be a perfect fit, since more than half of my traceable views since last February have been one of those three blogs mentioned before: my blog gets anywhere from 200-500 sex tourists a month, and whether I like that or not, there’s no reason not to make money off them. Yes, I recognize the irony.

So, before this kicks over to 1000 words, let me say, “Thank you for letting me rant.” Hopefully, over the next few months, you’ll see all these changes implemented, and it’ll be a better overall experience for everyone.

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