Simple Global Energy Consumption Analysis

Simple Global Energy Consumption Analysis


Here’s a look at how the energy generated on this planet gets consumed:


Our planet creates around 500 Exojoules of consumable energy, each year.

While only encompassing almost 32% of the overall global population, China, the European Union, and the United States of America use over 50% of its total consumable energy.

Combining only the EU and USA, while not even encompassing 12% of the total population of the planet, they use a third of its consumable energy.

The USA, having less than 5% of the total global population, uses nearly 20% of the consumable energy on the planet.

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  1. Yes, a simple and straight-forward analysis, but there is always the underlying “why?”. We certainly have a lifestyle that elicits more energy use, but I wonder how much of the energy consumption is due to our production of goods. How much of those goods are exported to countries that are not in your three classifications. That were they to not receive those goods from us would have to generate them themselves, thereby increasing their energy consumption.

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