Imagine What A Terabyte Will Look Like in a Decade

(all dollars are 2014 US dollars)

The first Model T cost $21,000 in 1908;

by 1957, a Chevy Bel Air cost $17,000;

today, a Chevy Malibu costs $22,000.


Sold in 1947, the first microwave cost $53,000;

by 1983, that cost was reduced to $1,200;

today, microwaves can be had for less than $50.


In 1961, IBM bought a hard drive at $20,000 per megabyte;

today, consumer-bought hard drives cost $0.01 per 300 megabytes.


RAMAC Engineering Prototype, IBM San Jose, 1956


See the huge cylinder that guy’s pointing at?

That’s what 3.5MB looked like fifty years ago.

Modern $5 thumb drives are 1/2000 that size and hold 2000-times more information.

Imagine what a terabyte will look like in a decade.

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